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Low-light Plants

Low-light Plants
Low-light plants are perfect for indoor cultivation, as they can grow healthily even with a limited amount of light. Let us look at the best low-light indoor plants...
Pragya T
Though low-light plants can thrive in a limited light environment, it is important that you maintain other care factors like water, fertilizer, and humidity well. Before you make your selection of the plant(s), it is important to study the care factors for the specific plant properly. There are various types of house plants which are suitable for a low lit environment. There are some varieties of succulents - certain varieties which flower and some other beautiful, non-flower bearing varieties like the lucky bamboo.
Golden Pothos: This is a popular office plant, which has big, green leaves with some patches of yellow on it. This plant can be maintained easily in indoor light conditions, and can be kept on the floor, on the desk, or even hung in a balcony.
Dracaena Janet Craig: Dracaena Janet Craig is very popular among dracaenas and can tolerate dry and low-light conditions easily. The leaves are dark green and keep cascading gently from the stalk. A popular variety of this plant is the 'compacta', which grows around 1 foot tall with the leaves growing close to the stalk.
Aglaonema Red Peacock: The red peacock houseplant has great big leaves which have interesting green and pink color patterns. These attractive plants are very easy to care for and can be kept in the office or house.
Spider Plants: These are great for novice gardeners as they are extremely easy to care for. These plants have long narrow leaves which grow close together. You can keep this plant in a pot on the floor or hang it in basket.
Lucky Bamboo: This indoor plant is another favorite among indoor house plants that is extremely easy to care for. You can keep the small-sized ones on your office desk or on the countertop in your bathroom. If you wish to keep it in a room, then go for a slightly larger size. This is not actually a bamboo plant, but a type of dracaena.
Peace Lily: Peace lily has big, dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers. It is easy to care for and can grow in low-light surroundings.
Java Ferns: Java ferns are a good choice of aquarium plants. This is a hardy plant, but can't be called a great-looking plant. However, they serve the need of vegetation for a fish bowl or tank.
English Ivy: English ivy can adapt to low-light areas, and with some care you can grow them indoors. With some wire or wooden frame arrangements, you can grow elegant-looking English ivy plants.
Christmas Cactus: Most of the cactus varieties can bear indoor light conditions easily. Among the indoor cactus, Christmas cactus is one of the most attractive and bears red flowers and dark green leaves.
Most indoor house plants are poisonous, so if you have pets then make sure you keep them out of your pet's reach. Alternatively, you can go for the plants safe for cats like catnips. So, make the selection of these plants wisely, and enjoy having these plants in your house!
orchid cactus with hand large red flowers in winter garden
Ivy with drops of water
bowfront tropical aquarium fish tank with live-plants
Houseplant -Peace Lily
Lucky Bamboo
plant rooting
Aglaonema Plant
Dracaena marginata in flowerpot
golden pothos houseplant