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A Complete List of Asian Flowers With Spellbinding Pictures

List of Asian Flowers with Pictures
Flowers have always been nature's way of spreading happiness. There are innumerable species of flowers that come from different parts of the world. Wee give you an Asian flowers list with the names and pictures.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Time to Know Your Tulip
► The bulbs of tulip flowers can be used as a substitute for onions.
► Even if you cut a tulip plant, it has the ability to grow by one inch per day.
The Earth's largest continent, Asia is inundated with several mountains and tropical islands. The flowers found in this continent flourish in a range of environmental conditions, and some are even exported from other countries and grown here. And speaking about flowers, they always hold a special place in the hearts of flower aficionados because of their sweet scent and colorful foliage, adding to the beauty of any landscape. In fact, some of the flowers that we get to see are thanks to the richness of the Asian soil, which aids gardeners in planting them.

In this post, Gardenerdy chooses to cover the list of some popular Asian flowers with their pictures. Many of the flowers mentioned in the list below are fast becoming a favorite among American gardeners although their roots are Asian.
List of Asian Flowers
Hong Kong Orchid
hong kong purple orchid flower
Hong Kong Orchid, Bauhinia blakeana, is the national flower of Hong Kong. The flowers originated there in 1880. Ever since, it became a part of everything in that country. It was adopted as the floral emblem in 1965, and it is seen in Hong Kong's flag and coins. These flowers are purple-red in color and have a sweet fragrance. They grow up to 10 - 15 cm (3.9 - 5.9 in) in height, and the blooming season is from November to March.
Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'
vanda miss joaquim
This flower is also known as the Singapore Orchid or the Princess Aloha Orchid. It gets its name from the lady who found this hybrid orchid cultivar. It became the national flower of Singapore on April 15, 1981. This beautiful flower gets 12 buds at a time, out of which mostly 4 blossom. This plant is very common all throughout in Singapore. The basic requirement of this plant is lots of fertilizers and a strong support to help it grow.
colorful chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant, which is also called mums or chrysanths. There are two main types of this plant, one is an exhibition variety and the other is garden hardy. The exhibition produces many flowers, but is not as strong as the garden hardy variety. It is used for different purposes: the flowers of the subspecies C.morifolium are boiled to make a sweet drink, while the leaves are boiled and used as salads in China. It is also extensively used as an insecticide. It also has importance in the culture of many countries; for instance, it is a symbol of the Emperor in Japan, it is given to mothers on Mother's Day in Australia, and it is regarded as one of the "Four Gentlemen" in China.
Cherry Blossom
wild himalayan cherry
Cherry Blossom originated in the Himalayas, but is now spread and cultivated in many countries. It comes in many varieties, which have different flowers, seeds, and cherries. Some types are for ornamental use and do not produce fruits. One of the type of flower is the national flower of Japan, which is called sakura. In Japan, this flower signify clouds because of its extensive blooming characteristic. Also, Japan has over 200 cultivars of this plant, and some species are used in cuisines because the blossoms and leaves are both edible. It also has been cultivated in different countries such as Brazil, China, UK, US, and Germany.
Titan Arum
worlds largest flower
Titan Arum or Amorphophallus titanum is a word taken from Greek, where 'amorphos' means 'without form' and 'titan' means 'giant'. It is a flowering plant, but with a fowl smell, which is same like that of the genus Rafflesia. The odor smells like a dead animal, which is why it is called "corpse flower/plant". Both of them are found in the rainforests of Sumatra. This plant is considered as "Vulnerable" by the IUCN, so efforts are being taken to restore its numbers. Though it is endemic to Sumatra, collectors have planted it all around the world. The plant is very huge and can grow up to 10 feet high. This plant is a late bloomer and will take 7 - 10 years to bloom for the first time. This flower has owned many Guinness World Records for its height.
Kousa Dogwood
kousa dogwood tree blossoms
Kousa dogwood, Cornus kousa, is a small tree that originated in Korea and has been in Asia for many years. This dogwood is different from the other dogwoods because it blooms one month late, has simple leaves, and its shape is upright. It blooms in late spring, and the leaves almost disappear because of extensive blooming. This plant is extensively cultivated as an ornamental plant, but it also produces small, red berries at the end of the blooming season. The berries can be eaten and are sweet to taste, which is sometimes used to make wine. The most important thing about this flowering tree is that it is resistant to the 'anthracnose disease', which kills other dogwood trees.
Highland Tropical Pitcher Plant
nepenthes monkey cups
This pitcher plant is included in the genus Nepenthes, which includes all carnivorous plants. The pitcher shape of this plant gives it its name. It is also known as the monkey cup because of the shape that saturates water and monkeys are seen drinking water from it. It is mainly found in the rainforests of Asia, in China, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Philippines. It can also be planted in greenhouses. The pitcher has a hollow inside where the insect is digested. It has small yellow flowers, and sometimes fruits can be seen, which are full of seeds.
Japanese Toad Lily
unique field flower toadlily
Toad lily is the common name for the species in the genus Tricyrtis. This particular genus has around 18 beautiful species. It is native to Asia, but now is planted all over the world as an ornamental plant. The petals are white or yellow in color with purple spots. Apart from its beauty, it is also known for the ability to withstand sudden weather changes. It mostly grows in shade and requires moist soil. Its blooming season is from summer to fall.
Torch Ginger
torch ginger flower
Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) is called by various names like ginger flower, torch lily, wild ginger, porcelain rose, or Philippine wax flower. The flowers are purple, pink, or red in color, and the petals have a leathery feel. It is a plant that is used as an ornamental plant and it is edible, being used in food. In Sumatra, the flower buds are used in different dishes. In Thai food, it is used as a salad. The ripe seed pods are used to cook fish in Karo. Not only the flowers, but the stem is also used by chopping and using it in curries or soups.
lotus in water
Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam in Asia. This flower belongs to an aquatic plant and so is seen floating on the water. It is planted in the moist soil of the bed of a lake or pond. The leaves and the flower float on the water, and the big leaves can also grow out of the water in some cases. The lotus shouldn't be confused with the water lily because it is different in many terms like leaves, stems, etc. Not only the flowers but also the seeds, leaves, and the root or rhizomes can be eaten. It can be eaten raw, but cooking is recommended to avoid any issues. The flower is a symbol of purity and means a lot in many cultures.
Water Lily
white water lily on lake
Water lilies come under the family of Nymphaeaceae that includes other flowering plants. The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. The blue water lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka. It is also the state flower of Andhra Pradesh, India. The flower of water lily is considered as the birth flower for the month of July. This plant is aquatic, and the different-colored flowers float on the water with elegance. This plant is cultivated all over the world because of its beauty, as an ornamental plant.
pink lily flower
Lilies fall under the genus named Lilium, which includes many species that all grow from underground bulbs. Some flowers may have "lily" in the name, but might not be a true lily. The flowers are large, found in many different colors, and most of them are fragrant. The different colors of the flower are complimented with markings like spots or strokes. It blooms in the end of spring or in summers. The lily is the national flower of Kazakhstan.
Blue Poppy
himalayan blue poppy
Blue poppy belongs to the genus Meconopsis. This beautiful blue flower is the national flower of Bhutan. This flower is divided by its two particular ranges. One is found in the Himalayas, and the other is found in Europe, where the controversy is whether it is a real poppy or not. It is observed that the Himalayan species are very difficult to cultivate. One solution to that problem is cultivating fresh seeds. On the contrary, the Welsh poppy grows in abundance. This plant is not only found in blue color but in many other colors too.
Plum Blossom
plum blossom
Plum blossom (Prunus mume) belongs to the genus and subgenus of Prunus and is one of the most loved flowers in Asia. The tree is related to plum and apricot trees, which is why it is called Chinese plum and Japanese apricot. The flower is called plum blossom. The blossoms bloom in abundance from late winter to early spring. This plant is the national flower of China, which was declared in 1964. It is extensively used as not only as an ornamental flower, but also for many other purposes such as cooking and even in medicinal use.
jasmine flowers
Jasmine (Jasminum), has more than 200 species of flowering plants which are spread all over the world. The great aroma of these flowers is loved by all. This plant can be deciduous or evergreen, and it can come in different types as per different species. The white or yellow flowers can also be slightly red in some conditions. In some countries such as India, women wear these flowers in their hair. It is also used for many different purposes such as in tea (jasmine tea in China), jasmine oil, syrup, and perfume. A species called Poet's jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is the national flower of Pakistan. Sampaguita jasmine (Jasminum sambac), referred to names such as Arabian jasmine or Philippine Jasmine, is the national flower of Philippines. The same is also one of the three national flowers of Indonesia.
rafflesia keithii biggest flower
Rafflesia is a whole genus of all the parasitic flowering plants, containing almost 28 species. It is found in the rainforests of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, and Thailand. This plant is different because it doesn't have the normal leaves and stem structure. There is a host vine and a flower, which has five petals. The flower smells like rotten meat, which gets it the name "corpse/meat flower". It is the state flower of Indonesia, Sabah (Malaysia), and Surat Thani Province (Thailand). Though it is said to be the largest flower, titan arum gives it competition. However, a species by the name Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest flower, weight-wise.
Red Rose
red rose
Rose belongs to the genus Rosa, which includes hundreds of species and thousands of hybrids. Many of the species have origins in Asia. The flowers and the plant come in various shapes and colors. The flowers have four or five petals and sepals. Some rare species produce a berry-like fruit called the rose hip. The plant is cultivated for ornamental purposes. It is used in perfumes, as cut flowers, the rose hip is used in medicine, and the petals are used in food and
drink. Rose is the national flower of Iraq.
Black Iris
iris barbatus flower
Black Iris (Iris chrysographes) has its origin in China and Myanmar. This black beauty is the national flower of Jordan. The color of the petals is actually reddish violet, and it gets darker; sometimes so dark that it looks velvety black. Some hybrids have been cultivated, which give it those black petals. The flowers blossom in June and July. It fills the air with sweet fragrance all over in the meadows and forests. The plants need full sunlight and wet soil all throughout to grow properly.
Cyclamen is a genus of plants that grows from tubers. There are around 23 species in it. The characteristic shape of the flowers and leaves has got it an all-round fame. The species are also sometimes called "sowbread" because some pigs are seen eating it. This plant grows from the tuber, leaves grow in autumn, and flowers can blossom at any time of the year depending on the species. The flower shape is different and also comes in different colors like pink, purple, or white.
hibiscus flower
Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants which include many hundreds of species, that are famous for their bright, trumpet-shaped, and big flowers. One of the species which is called Bunga Raya (Chinese Hibiscus) is the national flower of Malaysia. This flower is well connected to many cultures and art there. It is a tradition to wear the flower for Tahitian and Hawaiian girls. One species is used in paper-making, some in food and drinks, some used in medicine too.
tulips garden
Tulip is a plant that belongs to the genus Tulipa and family Liliaceae have almost 75 species. This plant is famous for its showy and beautiful flowers. The flowers come in many sizes and colors except blue (not to be confused with violet). One of the characteristic feature of this plant is that one flower is grown per stem, though exceptions exist. This flower is the national flower of Afghanistan and Iran.
evergreen frangipani flower
Frangipani is the common name for the genus, Plumeria can also be called Champa flower. This flower is the national flower of Laos. It is related to oleander because both the plants have saps that cause irritation to skin and eyes. The plant is found all over and connected to many cultures as well. E.g.: Polynesian women wear the flower depending on their relationship status; left if taken, right if looking for a relation.
budding rhododendron
Rhododendron is a genus of thousands of species, which have both evergreen and deciduous plants. The name of the genus has a Greek origin, which translates as "rose tree". It is widely found in Asia, Europe, and America. Also, it is the national flower of Nepal. The flowers grow in a cluster, which is called inflorescence. It is planted for its beauty and also has been used in pharmacies for years.
southern magnolia blossom
Magnolia is a genus that has 210 flowering species. It gets its name after a French botanist named Pierre Magnol. This flower is the national flower of North Korea. The beautiful flowers mostly bloom in late spring or early summer. The petals of the flower are quite strong, which is designed so that the bees or beetles don't destroy it. It is mainly used in horticulture, used as a medicine in China for years, and the timber of the plant is also used.
Rose of Sharon
hibiscus syriacus malvaceae china
The Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is the national flower of South Korea. Also known as Chinese hibiscus or shrub althea, Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub that requires USDA hardiness zones of 5 to 9. Roughly, the shrubs are 8 to 10 ft tall and 4 - 6 ft wide. The blooms may consist of colors like white, red, lavender, or light blue, while some may show double blooms. Rose of Sharon requires well-drained soil and full sunlight (except for old blooms). The flowers appear cup-shaped and bloom during summer and fall.
yellow padauk flower
This flower, which is Burma's national flower, is connected to the Thingyan Period, which in other words is the Burmese New Year which falls in mid-April. It is during this time that this deciduous tree bears golden yellow flowers after the first rains. The tree demands loose sandy soil where water doesn't accumulate. During its season, it flowers/blooms for about 3 to 5 times. It sheds during dry spells because the flowers open up before foliation occurs. The flowers are small, colored in orange or yellow shades, are scented, and their appearance is like the seed of peas.
nature power
Chamomile, also spelled camomile, is a name for flowers or plants that look like a daisy. This small white and yellow flower is the national flower of Russia. It is very famous because of its medicinal use to treat fever, inflammations, gastrointestinal disorder, etc. It has medicinal properties, but it is recommended that pregnant women and people allergic to ragweed avoid it. It is also used in cosmetics because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
Golden Shower Tree
shower tree
Golden Shower tree is the common name of Cassia fistula, which originated in India and other parts of Asia. This tree is the national tree of Thailand, and the flower of the tree is the national flower. It is also the state flower of Kerala, India. It is widely planted as an ornamental tree and also used as a herbal medicine. This medium-sized tree is in full bloom in late spring and at that time, you can hardly see its leaves. Its fruit pulp is used in Ayurvedic medicine.
Pink Polyantha Rose
pink bloom of small rose
Polyantha means "many flowers" from the Greek translation. The pink polyantha rose is the national flower of Maldives. This type of flower was first found in France. It is a cross between two Asian rose species. The plant doesn't need a lot of maintenance and is resistant to diseases, which are reasons for its widespread popularity.
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