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Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 29, 2019
Concentrated liquid lawn fertilizers are available to provide nourishment to the lawn. They are easy to apply and have advantages over granular fertilizers. Read next, the advantages, disadvantages and groups of these fertilizers.
Your lawn turf needs external nourishment so that it grows properly and is able to fight diseases and damage caused due to insects. A well-nourished lawn is easy to care for and exhibits faster growth.
It also develops an immunity to fight diseases, when fertilizers are combined with pesticides.Lawn fertilizers are capable of supplying your lawn turf with all the essential nutrients. If you ever get to check your nearest home improvement store, you would be amazed to find the variety of lawn fertilizers available in the market.
Liquid lawn fertilizer is the latest trend. Their fluid consistency allows you to spray them evenly all over the lawn.
They are sprayed using a hose, so you can spray them evenly on an unleveled lawn as well. This is not possible with dry granular fertilizers or drop fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers come in two forms - ready to use and water soluble.
The ones that are ready to use in a concentrated form, come with a disposable container, which you have to attach to your hose before application. The nitrogen content in these fertilizers is very less. Since, nitrogen is an essential ingredient for the growth of the lawn, their application needs to be as frequent as possible.
Water soluble fertilizers come in a granular form and need to be mixed with water first. However, a few varieties may be available in a liquid form as well. You can mix them in a tank and then spray them on the lawn using a hose.


  • Since the liquid fertilizers are sprayed on the lawn, they provide an even coverage.
  • An equal distribution throughout the lawn and lower nitrogen content reduce the chances of the lawn getting burnt.
  • They are very convenient to use as they come in disposable containers.
  • The job is effortless as you do not have to haul heavy bags of fertilizers all around the lawn.
  • Their effect is instant, unlike their granular counterparts.


  • They are expensive as compared to other forms of fertilizers.
  • They need to be applied frequently, which further increases the cost.
  • If you have a larger area, the frequent application can prove to be a tedious and costly affair. 

Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

You have an option of choosing between synthetic and organic fertilizers. The organic version is natural as they are derived from plant and animal sources. Though, they act slowly, they are beneficial for the soil and lawn in the long run. The odor that is often associated with them fades away eventually.

Group of Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

The group includes an array of products, which differ according to their contents.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer carriers
  • Complete fertilizer carriers (contain N-P-K).
  • Iron containing products (either with or without nitrogen)
  • Bugs in a jug or organic acid mixtures or carbon-based nutrients 
While buying lawn fertilizers you should consider several factors. For example, the nutrient requirement of your lawn, your budget, the area of your lawn, etc., are the factors that are likely to influence your decision. The evolving technologies in the agricultural field will always leave a scope for new and improved choices for lawn fertilizers.