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Lighted Palm Tree Ideas

Avanika Mote Oct 21, 2018
A lighted palm tree is always a treat to our eyes. These artificial palm trees are full of glamor and beauty. Read on to know more about this unique décor idea!
Lighted palm tree is sure delight for your eyes. Whether you want an alternative of fun for the holiday or add a tropical flavor to your house party, an artificial and decorated palm tree will do the wonders for you. A lighted and artificial palm tree is a great way to add glitter and sparkles to your party! It is an ideal for all occasions and parties.
If you are organizing a banquet with a Hawaiian or tropical theme, a setup of fake and well-lit palm trees will add to the perfection. Those of you who want to celebrate Christmas in a very different way, can opt for an artificial palm tree with a backdrop of nativity scenes and Christmas plays.
A fake palm tree is the best alternative for a tropical real palm tree. The reason? Well, a trivia says that more people are injured by coconuts falling from real palm trees in Hawaii than sharks! You can lie under an artificial palm tree and relax like under a real coconut tree without having to worry about a coconut falling on your head!

Outdoor Illuminated Palm Tree Ideas

You can use a lit palm tree for your own garden, backyard, or in the patio area. Lighted and fake palm tree for outdoors will turn your backyard or patio into an illuminated paradise! Here are few ideas on outdoor lighted palm trees.
  • If you have a swimming pool, you can place a colorful, lit up palm tree set for the area next to the pool to add glam and sparkle to your poolside house party.
  • If you do not have a swimming pool, you can decorate your garden with these artificial palm trees and place sun beds under each of these to add a tropical punch to your garden.
  • Light up your artificial palm trees with rope lights for a garden party.
  • Place some outdoor tables with chairs in your garden, patio or backyard and place a small-sized outdoor fake palm tree on each of these, instead of a boring umbrella.
  • You can also add these artificial trees into pots and fill them with decorative stones.
  • A variety of artificial palm tree includes one with ropes of lights. This palm tree is called rope light palm tree, in which usually LED lights are used. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor decor as well, trimming windows, decks, gazebos and for overhead lighting. Rope light palm tree attracts a great deal of attention.

Tips on How to Choose a Lighted Palm Tree

There are several types of palm trees which also have fake versions that are used for interior decor! So, what you need to know before choosing one for yourself, is the purpose behind your decor. Some of the varieties that you can buy include, Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Royal Palm and Traveler Palm.
You should consider the required size of your artificial palm tree. Logically, if you are choosing one for the patio area, choose a tall variety while if you are choosing a lighted, artificial palm tree for indoors, opt for a smaller size that can be kept inside the house in a pot.
The prices of a fake palm trees usually depend on the size and quality of lights used in the tree. If you are buying a real palm tree and then just lighting it with rope lights, it may cost you more because a real palm tree is costlier than a fake one.
Besides, it needs to be taken care of. These trees are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. The most common sizes are 6 ft, 10 ft and 16 ft. The most common colors are green, blue, yellow and pink.

Lighted Fake Palm Tree Care

Virtually, an artificial palm tree requires no care! It needs occasional cleaning and it should not be kept under direct sunlight as it may cause color fading. Best part is, you can ditch watering it and spraying it with fertilizers! But make sure you clean it once in a while when you can notice some dust accumulated on it. 
Clean the lights with a feather duster for the best results. If the dust is acting stubborn, use a fabric softener sheet to clean it.
A lighted palm tree is a great way to pump up your garden and patio region. Artificial palm trees have been established as the most sought after decor for hotels, offices and parties. Rope light palm trees are sexy, attention grabbers, stylish and downright cool! So, grab one for your garden and turn it into a tropical paradiso!