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Lawn Chair Webbing

Sonia Nair Oct 24, 2018
If the frame of the discarded lawn chair is in good condition, you may replace the webbing and make it fit for use.
Earlier, webbed lawn chairs were very popular as outdoor furniture. Otherwise known as strap chairs, they are made of aluminum tube frames and interwoven straps that form the back support and the seat. As these straps are very strong, lawn chairs are popular for outdoor use. They are available as standard upright ones or as chaise lounge chairs.
Nowadays, new versions are available in market, but if you love to retain webbed lawn chairs, you must have an idea to maintain them.
Although, lawn chair webbing is made of strong material, long use may cause damage or sagging, making it unsafe to use. Instead of discarding, you can reweb them.

More about Lawn Chair Webbing

Web lawn chairs with aluminum frames and nylon strapping have been popular due to their durability and low prices. Today, web lawn chairs are not in vogue. You may find some discarded lawn chairs in your garage or attic. You can repair and use them; or buy new ones. If you want to repair old lawn chairs, the first thing is to replace their webbing.
You must also check the frames for any defect. If the frame is irreparable, it is better to discard the chair and buy a new one. Otherwise, replace the webbing and use the chair.
Lawn chair webbing is usually made of nylon, polyester or vinyl. These straps are attached to the frame with screws, rivets or clips. Before replacing the webbing, make sure to understand the weaving pattern. Such webbing is available in different sizes and shapes. Those with a width of 2¼ inches is commonly used for lawn chair frames made before 1990.
Nowadays, lawn chair webbing comes in a width of 3 inches. Tubular straps are not appropriate for lawn chairs. Lawn chair webbing straps are available in hardware stores, home improvement stores and garden centers. You may also buy them online. While a single kit will be enough for straight chairs, chaise lounge chairs may require two kits.

Webbing Repair and Replacement

The main advantage of a lawn chair is the webbing can be replaced or repaired without any professional help. All you have to do is get the new webbing, and replace the damaged straps or the whole webbing. Keep the screws or rivets, along with the washers, so that they can be used for the new webbing.
If you want to replace a few straps, cut the new webbing into pieces of required size. It will be better to cut the straps with an extra length of around 1½ to 2 inches; so that, they can be folded at the ends, before securing with screws. Secure one end of the strap to the aluminum frame with the screw, and weave the strap through the webbing.
Stretch it tight and secure to the frame on the other side. If you are using screws for securing the straps to the frame, fold the ends of the straps in a v-shape, before fixing them. If you want to replace the whole webbing, remove the old one and cut the new webbing into strips of required size. Secure the horizontal straps.
Weave the vertical straps through the horizontal ones. Once you finish the weaving, secure the ends of the vertical straps to the frame. The pattern of weaving and attachment of straps to the frame may vary with different models. So check the pattern, before removing the old lawn chair webbing.
So, if you have a discarded web lawn chair, you can replace the webbing and use it, provided the frame is in good condition. Otherwise, you have to buy a new one.