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Lawn Mower Parts And Their Specifications: Blades, Tires, And More

Abhay Burande Jun 23, 2019
Blades and tires are vital in the proper functioning of lawn mowers. Quality blades will give a clean finish to your lawn, beautify it, and at the same time aid in grass growth. Here are different varieties of blades and tires of a lawn mower, and a few of its parts.
A lawn mower is a machine with one or multiple revolving blades, used to cut grass or other plants on the lawn at a proper length. If blades rotate around a vertical axis, they are rotary mowers. If blades rotate around a horizontal axis, they are cylinder mowers.
Small types that can be pushed by humans are used for small residential lawns and gardens. Larger types are useful for huge expanses of grass, like golf courses and municipal parks. Some of the parts of these mowers and their specifications are described ahead:

Blades and Tires

The various types of blades are:
  • Universal blades
  • Edger blades
  • Case blades
  • Cub Cadet blades
  • Dixie Chopper blades
  • Dixon blades
  • Economy (Power King) blades
  • Allen blades
  • Falls blades
  • Ferris blades
  • Flymo blades
  • Grasshopper blades
  • Grasscraft blades
  • Ariens blades
  • Blue Bird Flail blades
  • Bolens blades
  • Bunton blades
  • Edger Shafts blades
  • Encore blades
  • Excel blades
  • Exmark blades
  • Everride blades
  • Giant Vac Flail blades
  • Hustler (Excel Ind) blades
  • Husgvarna blades
  • Honda blades
  • Hahn Eclipse blades
  • Great Dane blades
  • Grazer blades
  • Lesco blades
  • Lazy-boy blades
  • Kubota blades
  • Woods blades
  • Weed blaster blades
  • Southland blades

The tires are of different types, like bar tread, ribbed, slick, and turf tires. The bar tread tires fit grasshopper outfront mowers, and are 4 ply and tubeless.
Ribbed tires are of different types like:
  • Kenda 11X4.00-5
  • Carlisle 11X4.00-5
  • Kenda 13X5.00-6
  • Carlisle 13X5.00-6
  • Carlisle 13X5.00-6
  • Kenda 13X6.50-6
  • Kenda 15X6.00-6
  • Carlisle 15X6.00-6
  • Kenda 16X6.50-8
  • Carlisle 16X6.50-8
  • Kenda 18X8.50-8
  • Kenda 18X9.50-8
Slick Tires involve the following types:
  • Kenda 13X5.00-6
  • Carlisle 13X5.00-6
  • Kenda 13X6.50-6
  • Carlisle 18X9.50-8
  • Kenda 410/350-5
  • Kenda 410/350-6
  • Kenda 9X3.50-4
  • Carlisle 9X3.50-4
Turf Tires can be differentiated as:
  • Kenda 11X4.00-5
  • Kenda 13X5.00-6
  • Kenda 15X6.00-6
  • Carlisle 15X6.00-6
  • Kenda 20X10.00-8 Super
  • Carlisle 20X10.00-8 Turf Master
  • 23X9.50-12 Tire
  • Kenda 23X8.50-12

Other Parts


The different widths of belts are ⅜, ½, and ⅝ inches. Jacks are used to supply replacement belts of varying sizes.


This is used to protect the mower from sun damage, dust, rain, and tree sap. It has an elastic shock cord in the bottom hem for a fast and custom-like fit. The fabric is coated for a good water resistance and repelling capacity. It does not shrink or stretch.


The heavy-duty cast iron pulleys have different belt types, like A/B Offset Hub, and A/B Centered Hub style, etc. The Steel V-Belt pulleys are used for ½ inch belts.

Mulching Kits

These are of different types, like 38, 42 , 46, 48, 50, and 52 inches.

Battery Parts

The Battery charger can charge all 12 volt DC batteries in Walk-Behind mowers. It is a universal one for all electric start ones. It connects directly to mating battery plug. Battery cable terminals fit 4 and 6 gauge battery cables. They are heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant.

Miscellaneous Parts

Excluding some of the major parts described earlier, there are other petty parts that serve useful in the working of the lawn mower. Some of these are listed here. These include:
  • Anti-slip tape that is self-adhesive and black color
  • Hitch pin assembly
  • Clutch key
  • Straight key stock
  • Grass catcher assembly that is zinc plated, easy to install, and easy to empty
  • Chipper or shredder bag has a universal style and drawstring with a handy slide lock
  • Deluxe wheel height adjuster has positive locking, mounting bolts and plates to adjust in many housings
These were the types, specifications of different lawn mower parts. Get started on acquiring the part you need at the moment. Don't let it hamper the maintenance of lawn.