Lawn Mower Maintenance

Maintenance Tips for the Efficient Working of a Lawn Mower

If a lawn mower is used and maintained carefully, it lasts for several years. Some tips for maintenance include regular cleaning, sharpening the blade, changing the oil, replacing the air filter, checking the tire pressure, and tightening the screws.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
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When it comes to proper lawn care, regular mowing of the turf grass is an important aspect. Not only does it help in preserving a lustrous green lawn, but also protects the grass from disease infestations. A superior quality lawn mower is a good investment for correct mowing of the lawn. Lawn mowers should be maintained as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Doing so increases their durability.
Lawn Mower Care
Maintenance of a lawn mower varies based on the type and configuration of the device. For example, based on the mode of blade rotation, there are two types of mowers, namely rotary and reel units. There are also hand push mowers, self-propelling mowers, or riding mowers depending on the mode of operation. It is better to refer to the user manual for better understanding of the machinery and its parts. Following are some of the basic maintenance tips.
Regular Washing
Each time you use the mower, it tends to accumulate grass debris and dirt. Regular washing of the device is advised to clean off the grass clumps and dirt. This also retains the color of the paint. If washing it is not possible, clean the grass clumps from the blade using a stick.
Sharpening the Blade
Sharpening the mower blade every two to three months is very important. For this task, remove the spark plug and wedge the blade first. Then remove the blade carefully by using a correct sized wrench. You can make use of steel wool to clean the rust on the blade. File the blade towards the edge on both sides using a metal filer. Once the blade is sharpened, install it properly.
Changing the Oil
For this task, first remove the spark plug and check the oil drain plug. In most devices, it is located on top of the cutting blade. Drain the oil before refilling the tank with a fresh batch. You can check the level of oil in the fill tube. Changing the oil every two months increases the life span of the unit significantly.
Changing the Air Filter
An air filter serves the purpose of filtering air before directing it to the engine. It is possible for the air filter to get clogged over a period of time, which in turn results in less engine efficiency. You can ensure smooth running of the engine by changing the filter. Locate its cover and loosen the fastening screws. Replace the old filter with a new one and secure the cover again.
Checking Tire Pressure
Increase in tire pressure in a mower is a common problem that results in malfunctioning of the wheels. Since the wheels of the mower are relatively small, it is crucial to maintain the right tire pressure. Keep the pressure in the optimum range by referring to the user guidelines.
In addition, check the fastening nuts, screws, and bolts of the device. Tighten them if necessary. Loose fastenings lead to noise production, vibration, and steering problems. However, do not hesitate to call a professional mechanic for troubleshooting lawn mower problems, especially if the defect is in the engine or other mechanical parts.