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A Guide to Lawn Chair Webbing Replacement

Sonia Nair Sep 23, 2018
Torn or frayed webbing in lawn chairs can be replaced easily. Here are some tips to replace lawn chair webbing on your own.
Lawn furniture has always been associated with comfort and durability. Webbed lawn chairs are durable as well as comfortable, but newer models are fast gaining momentum. While some people consider them outdated, others discard these chairs, once the webbing gets damaged.
However, there are people, who still value the simplicity of these webbed chairs. You don't have to throw away the chair; if the frame is in a good condition, and only the webbing is damaged. In that case, opt for lawn chair webbing replacement.

Materials Required

In order to replace the webbing of your lawn chair, you must have a basic know-how about the materials required and the method to be followed. Otherwise known as string chairs, webbed chairs have aluminum tube frames that are attached with thin straps made of vinyl, nylon or polyester.
These straps are highly durable and strong, but prolonged use and exposure to changing weather may cause sagging, fraying or breakage. In such cases, you can opt for webbing replacement, instead of throwing away the chair. If only a single strap is damaged, replace it. If there are more, replace the entire webbing of the chair.
Lawn chair webbing is available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Initially, straps with a width of 2¼ inches were used for this purpose. Nowadays, straps with a width of three inches are preferred.
If your frame is made before 1990, you may use the 2¼-inch straps. Ready-made webbing kits can be bought from hardware stores, home improvement stores or garden centers. You may also buy them online. If your chair is the standard upright one, a single kit will be sufficient. In case of a chaise lounge chair, two such kits will be needed.

How to Replace Lawn Chair Webbing

In order to replace the old webbing, you have to remove them. Before removing the straps, you must notice the pattern of weaving, so that you can reproduce it with the new webbing.
Remove the screws and washers. You can reuse them, if they are in good condition. Otherwise, purchase similar ones and keep them handy. Cut the webbing into straps of required sizes, as per the measurements of the old straps. They must have an extra length of two to three inches.
Fold the ends of each strap in a V-shape, before securing them to the frame, using screws. Start with the horizontal straps for the seat. Take each strap, and fold the ends in a V-shape. Attach one end of the strap to the frame. Stretch the strap, and fix the loose end to the other side of the frame.
Once the horizontal part is done, weave the vertical ones and attach their ends to the frame. In some models, the vertical straps run through the entire back and the seat. In such cases, attach the horizontal straps (both back and seat), and weave the vertical ones through them.
If the back and seat are separate, you may replace the horizontal as well as vertical straps of one side, followed by the other. Or else, replace the horizontal straps on the seat as well as the back, and then attach the vertical ones.
In short, lawn chair webbing replacement can be done easily, if you have enough time, patience, the right materials and a basic idea about the proper method.