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What You Need to Know About Lawn Chair Webbing Kits

Damaged straps of a lawn chair can be easily replaced with new webbing. Here is some more information.
Sonia Nair Dec 10, 2018
Webbed lawn chairs or strap chairs are not only simple and lightweight, but are also strong, durable and comfortable. These chairs are made of aluminum frames, attached with straps made of nylon, polyester or vinyl. These straps are interwoven to form the seat and back support.
These chairs come in different models like upright ones, chaise lounge chairs, etc. With the modern lawn furniture, these chairs are getting replaced.
Still, there are people who retain them for many reasons. With constant use, the straps may fade, sag or get damaged. In such cases, you can replace the whole webbing. Even discarded strap chair frames can be used after fixing the webbing. In such cases, you may purchase lawn chair webbing kits.

Webbing Kits for Lawn Chairs

Lawn chair webbing can be replaced on your own or with professional help. It is a simple task if you have the right materials like webbing, screws, and rivets or clips to secure the webbing to the frame. Straps of nylon, polyester or vinyl are used as webbing for lawn chairs. These are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and are sold in rolls.
You may come across lawn chair webbing kits that have webbing rolls, and fasteners, like clips, nuts and rivets. Some brands provide webbing only. In such cases, you may use the fasteners in the old frame or buy new ones. While the color choice of the webbing is fully yours, the width of the new webbing must fit the pre-drilled holes on the aluminum frame.
Frames made before 1990s require webbing of 2ΒΌ inch width, but the newer ones require webbing with a width of 3 inches. Tubular straps are not fit for these chairs. The length of the webbing in the kits may vary from one brand to another.
However, a standard kit contains around 50 feet of lawn chair webbing, which is sufficient for replacing the webbing of an upright lawn chair. Chaise lounge chairs require more, but two such kits will be enough for that purpose.

Where to Buy

These kits can be bought from hardware stores, home improvement stores and garden centers. You may search for online suppliers. Lawn chair webbing is known as narrow fabric, furniture webbing or strap chair webbing. Use the different names, while searching for the product. You may also search for a reweb kit or chair webbing replacement kit.
Once you get the webbing kit, you can re-web the lawn chair for yourself. Understand the weaving pattern of the old webbing, before removing it. If you find it difficult to reweb the chair for yourself, hire a professional. In short, lawn chair webbing replacement is really easy, if you have webbing kits handy.