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Great Lawn Alternatives You Weren't Aware Of

Medha Godbole Apr 23, 2019
Maintaining a garden or a yard with lawn can seem an uphill task. But worry not as there are substitutes for that. Scroll down to know what are the options in store for you.
Grass lawn maintenance is a tedious and expensive job. For most of us, the daily grind of work rarely leaves us with time to sit back, ponder, and act on these things. An effective way to deal with this problem is to consider other options. Let's get to know the several ways which can be implemented instead of a lawn.

Options to Consider

Think Ornamental and Floral

A good idea would be to replace a portion of the lawn with either a shrub or an ornamental grass.
To add a different dimension, the section of ornamental grass can be peppered with shrubs and flowers. Blue fescue, ferns are a good alternatives to grass. The chosen shrub should have less height and faster spreading rate.


Some of the qualities which make clover a great choice are that this type stays green all summer, it is almost pest free and resists weeds, doesn't need fertilizers and attracts beneficial insects.
Moreover, if you are thinking of substitutes for your pet dog, this is the one which you would not want to miss giving a thought. The reason is that there is no discoloration as a result of dog urine, called 'dog spots'. The variety Dutch white clover is very easy to maintain.

Strolling Garden

A strolling garden refers to a type of garden which has meandering or winding paths amongst the raised beds. The beds can comprise flowering or edible plants. If you are not much into gardening, you can have durable and low-maintenance plants and shrubs to make things manageable.

Fake it Up

If you would have seen hockey matches, you might have an idea that many of their playing fields usually have an artificial turf. Although not a very path-breaking or a recent concept, artificial turf is now gaining popularity. This is especially so with regards to sun-scorched areas and regions where there is no water.

California Meadow Sedge

California meadow sedge is a creeper sedge, which grows only up to 4 to 6 inches. It can be rather enduring towards trampling and adjusts itself well to several soil conditions. Be it sunny conditions or partial shade, these are fit for both.

Deck'ed' Up

Consider having a patio or a deck instead of a lawn. A wooden deck can be a great option. The deck can be attached to the house, raised or can be built at the ground level. Plants and shrubs further can complete the entourage.
Amongst other ideas you can have paths within the yard, use drought-tolerant grasses or xeriscaping as an eco-friendly and intelligent option.