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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape Lighting Ideas
If you have a landscaped garden in your home, then you need some good landscape lighting ideas. Here are some ideas that will transform your garden into the most beautiful one.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019
Landscape lighting offers you a great way to showcase the beauty of your home and garden. To showcase your garden in the best possible way, you should know where to place the lighting fixtures and how to place them.
You should also know which elements you need to highlight and so that you can accentuate the shrubs, flowers, fountains, and benches. There are many ideas but the challenge is to combine the functional with the aesthetic. Good landscape lighting can make your garden and property look absolutely stunning and gorgeous at night.
Landscape Lighting Design
There are two types of landscape lighting designs, one is down lighting or moonlighting that illuminates the surrounding mainly for safety reasons. The other is called up lighting or silhouette lighting that gives depth and accentuates a particular element. While installing these for your home, keep in mind that less is more in this case.
You only want to highlight some elements of architecture of your home or garden. The secret to good landscape lighting is to install the lighting in such a way that it looks tasteful and elegant and not deck up the entire house and garden like a Christmas tree. Choosing lights for a landscape design is not difficult, just know which lighting will look good.
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The best landscape lighting idea is to strategically place the light fixtures so that some unique elements of the garden is showcased. Also, make sure that the pathways for the garden is well-lit so that people can walk on it safely. 
For certain architectural elements in the garden like fountains, sundial and birdhouse, a good landscape lighting idea is to install lighting in such a way that a well type light is projected upward to focus light on these elements. You can use this technique to place lights behind shrubs, flower beds and trees to give a soft yet dramatic lighting effect.
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If you have a small fountain or any water feature in your landscaped garden, then you can install submerged recessed lighting that throws its beam upwards. Such illumination in water looks very good and you can even experiment with different colored lights to create special effects.
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Down lighting is very necessary in your garden and this technique in lighting helps to illuminate the whole place. You can install decorative lamps on lamp posts all around the garden to give your garden the right ambiance. 
This type of lighting ideas can also be used near flower beds or lawns so that people can enjoy the view and also walk around safely. These become a necessity near fence posts, benches, and columns. You can also use LED lighting in your garden.
If you are looking for landscape lighting tips or outdoor lighting ideas, then concentrate on the lighting fixtures. The kind of light fixtures you choose, has a direct bearing on the kind and intensity of illumination you are going to get. You can choose from bullet lights, well lights, wall wash lights, and path lights.
Bullet lights are used for up lighting and they are ground mounted fixtures. They are often used for ambient lighting of flowers beds and shrubs. Well lighting fixtures are used as recessed lighting and are buried under the ground.
Path lighting fixtures are usually ground mounted fixtures which are used as walkway lighting along pathways and wall wash light fixtures are used for lighting outdoor walls. There are also solar landscape lights that you can use for landscape lighting.
The batteries that are in the solar lights recharge during the day, so that you can have uninterrupted lighting at night. Whatever lighting you use in your garden, make sure that it is well protected from the natural elements like wind and rain. A good landscape lighting can make your garden as well as your home look more attractive.