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Handy Tips to Control the Annoying Infestation of Ladybugs

Rujuta Borkar Jun 22, 2019
Though ladybugs are a pleasure to look at, an infestation of the same in their house is not something that anyone wishes for. If your house has been facing an infestation by these insects, read on for tips to deal with that problem.
Granted, ladybugs are beautiful to look at - Their bright red color with the intricately carved designs in black, their smooth and glossy texture, their teetered walk across a surface - and all that in a small-sized frame, do create feelings similar to those of appreciating a work of art.
They put forth a feeling of profound beauty. We would love to look at a ladybug and witness its crawling across a leaf in the garden, but what would happen if there was a ladybug infestation? Would an infestation of the aforementioned creatures create the same feelings of awe and appreciation for you?
Too much of something is never good, and neither would the number of ladybugs growing and reaching the stage of bringing forth an infestation be welcome. So if there has been an infestation at your home and you want to know how to get rid of it, then this information will help you do just that.

Ladybug Infestation Causes

Ladybugs fall in the category of insects, no doubt, but they are some of the most popular insects. Their bright colors and congenial style is something that go well with humans.
The fact that they don't bite anyone, don't eat plants or food and do not get into any of the stored items in a household, are some of the reasons that do not instill fear or panic in us like any other insect infestation would.
There are two main causes that could lead to a ladybug infestation. One, ladybugs are known to prey on smaller insects called aphids which are one of the houseplant bugs. So if there is an infestation, it could be because of the availability of aphids on houseplants and have found their way into the house.
The other reason, and a more rampant one is that an infestation of this kind happens after a cold winter. In the winter, these bugs search for warm temperatures to hide in to escape the cold. They will hide in the cracks in walls and in varied crevices.
When the winter is over, they will come out into the warm climate. Many times when you notice an infestation, these bugs are merely trying to find a way out of the house.
Though they do not cause any external damage, their mere presence can cause problems because of their sheer numbers. Finding them crawling everywhere though, might seem like a pretty sight, is not really the most convenient things.
And there have been reports from people who have suffered from bug infestations, they say that when they are present in large numbers they give off a strong odor which gets stronger when they are threatened. They also ooze out a yellow-orange liquid that can stain cloth. There have been instances of the bugs crawling into machines and vents, blocking them.

Ladybug Infestation Removal

In view of all this, it would be necessary to get rid of the bugs. So here are a few steps and tips that you can make use of to get rid of the infestation for good:

Vacuum Them

This is one of the simplest things to do after there has been an infestation of this form in your home.
Simply vacuum them all. But be sure that after you're done with round one of vacuuming, you do not keep the vacuum pipe across the machine, since the bugs will crawl out of the pipe and enter the house again. A good way to control this is to stuff a tissue paper at the nozzle's mouth. You can release the ladybugs after you're done.

Seal Crevices and Cracks

It is a good method to control infestation. When winter is about to come, take a tour of the house and garden and check all hidden crevices and cracks and seal them up. Cover all the gaps in window sills as it stops the bugs from entering into them.

Smoke Them

There have been instances that show that smoking the house will get rid of the bugs. Either they will make their way out due to the constricting smoke, or they will die. Either which way the infestation will be taken care of.

Use a Spray

Use a spray or pesticide that contains either pyrethrins or permethrin in it for effective pest control. This works especially well when the infestation has run into vast numbers. The spray will get rid of them effectively.


It has been found that light colors and paints attract the bugs. So for the garden where the sun's rays fall directly and warm the walls, it is important that you paint the walls a bright color. Because that is the area that is most likely to suffer an infestation.

Other Solutions

  • If the infestation has taken place in your garden, then control the growth of aphids by avoiding planting radish and onions. The lesser the aphids, that much lesser the infestation as well.
  • Mulberry seems to work as a deterrent for these bugs, so find a product that has a mulberry flavor (like a candle) and see if it works.
  • Putting menthol into the humidifier and letting the fumes spread across the rooms also helps to solve this problem effectively.
  • Some people have reported that the color yellow deters the growth of ladybugs, so try doing that.
These were some of the methods by which you can control and get rid of a ladybug infestation in your home or garden. Hope these help and you have a clean bug-free house soon. All the best!