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Jasmine Plant Care: Learn How to Properly Grow a Jasmine Bush

Jasmine Plant Care
Jasmine plant care involves watering it adequately, protecting the plant from excessive sunlight and more.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
A jasmine plant is a great addition to a garden or a home. Jasmine, known for its beautiful flowers and shining leaves, can fill your house with a unique fragrance. Jasmine is basically a bushy shrub that releases fragrance at night. Proper jasmine houseplant care is essential so that it grows in the right way.
How tall the plant will grow? Well, it depends on the type of jasmine you have in your home or garden. For instance, the Arabian jasmine can attain a height up to 10 feet, whereas the common jasmine (jasminum officinale) is around 35 feet tall. On the other hand, jasminum polyanthum can reach up to 10 feet. So the height and the amount of space the plant will consume is dependent upon the jasmine variety you are growing.
How to Take Care of Jasmine Plant
A jasmine plant will grow properly if the planting area meets certain conditions. The factors that influence the growth of jasmine plants are as follows:
  • Sunshine
  • Fertilizer
  • Soil
  • Watering
When it comes to planting jasmine bushes outside the house, the preferred time is between the month of June and November. Whether you are nurturing the plant indoors or outdoors, an ideal condition for the plant to grow includes moist soil. To promote its growth, a well-drained, sandy loam soil is often recommended. Although jasmine plant can grow in different soils, it is advised to put your plant in a flowerpot containing rich potting soil.
Watering the plant daily is an easy way to keep the soil moist. Whenever you feel that the soil has become completely dry, water the plant immediately. An easiest way to find out whether the plant needs watering is by simply pressing the finger against the mud of the flower pot. In case, you are able to push the finger easily, there is absolutely no need to water the plant. However, one has to apply more pressure if the top half inch layer of the mud is dry, indicating urgent need of watering. Watering everyday once (in summer twice) is enough to ensure normal growth of the plant.
Over-watering should be avoided, otherwise the root of the plant may rot. The plant needs to be watered more during summer to prevent dryness of the soil. Watering the plant excessively can lead to discoloration of leaves. Younger jasmine plants that are grown outside in the garden require frequent pruning to restrict their growth. For growing 3-4 plant bushes, adequate spacing (minimum 8 feet) between the plants is needed for normal root expansion and foliage. Overcrowding of the plants can impair their growth.
Indoor Jasmine Plant Care
Indoor jasmine plants, also known as office plants can play a major role in reducing work related stress. When deciding to grow it indoors, make it a point that the jasmine plant you buy fits perfectly into the holding container. Also ensure that it gets a sufficient amount of sunlight. Don't expect the plant to grow in less sunlight. It is observed that in the presence of insufficient sunlight, leaves of jasmine plant began to fall. It is necessary that the planting area gets direct sunlight for a minimum 4-6 hours everyday. Plants that are placed in the shade all the time develop fungus. In other words, they do not grow well, when kept in shady areas.
In the afternoon the sun is at its peak, especially during the summer season. So, you can keep your jasmine plant in the shade during midday to avoid direct exposure to the intense sunlight. Leaves of jasmine plants usually wilt when exposed to excessive sunlight. Jasmine grows well when it receives fresh air throughout the day. Keeping the plant in the balcony could be a very good option. If you are keeping it inside, ensure that it is placed near an open window. You can also use the fan to circulate the air. As the jasmine is vulnerable to mite infestations, you need to observe the plant daily for any signs of spider mites, particularly on the leaves. Treatment in the form of soap and water spray is useful to get rid of these pests.
Keeping the plant in sunlight is as important as placing it in dark after sun sets. Light bulbs, tube lights or any other source of artificial light should be switched off in the room where it is placed. This practice is equally important to encourage blooming in January.
Fertilizing the plant is as important as watering the plant. But the use of strong fertilizers can kill the plant, hence a mild or a moderate fertilizer, high in phosphorous is beneficial and promotes blooming. It needs to be fertilized every 2 weeks with 10-20-10 fertilizer during the spring season. This means, the fertilizer contains 10% potassium, 20% phosphorous and 10% nitrogen. Along with the fertilizer, addition of lime to the soil is also helpful to keep your plant healthy and strong.
Trimming the Plant
Pruning is an important part of jasmine plant. In case you have the jasmine polyanthum, frequent pruning is a must to control its growth. If the dead flowers or branches of the plant are not cut, it can negatively affects its growth. Many times, these excess branches prevent sunrays from reaching the trunk of plant, thereby increasing the chances of pest infestation. In case, pruning is avoided, the plant spreads haphazardly and will soon consume extra space. Starting from January to July, trim the plant whenever you find it necessary. However, in August withhold pruning as it is the period of blooming. This is the time when jasmine plant starts bearing flowers and hence pinching the plant has to be altogether stopped.
Following the aforementioned jasmine plant care instructions is important so that the plant yields beautiful flowers. There are different types of species of jasmine plants in which the pruning and fertilizing patterns differ slightly. Hence, gather the required information of that particular jasmine plant before you own it.
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