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How to Install Wood Privacy Fence

Mamta Mule Nov 4, 2018
Having a wooden privacy fence which serves as a barrier between your home and the surrounding area is a great idea. It gives a unique look to your house, along with the required seclusion. Let's explore the ways in which you can install wood privacy fence...
Fence literally means a barrier which serves to enclose an area. Privacy fence blocks your area from public view. They mark boundaries, increase the security and reduce the wind. But there is much more meaning attached to a wooden privacy fence.
If you install a wood privacy fence, your house gets a completely natural look. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of your garden and serves as a perfect border for it. The wooden fence comes at a reasonable cost and it is available in many varieties.
Remember the following things before installing a wood privacy fence.

Consider your requirement before choosing the type.

Check and define your property boundary. Get a property survey done, to check the right place to install your fence.
Decide how much height your fence should have. You can also keep a specific patch at a lower height if it is giving a nice view.

Decide the number of gates and where you wish to have them. Also, think of the number of doors each gate should have.

Installation of Wood Privacy Fence

You have many options within this category of the fence. You can check the following styles to have a fancy and unique-looking fence.

Paint or stain the wood fence panels according to the exteriors of your house or you may also choose to keep the natural color as it is.
You can go for a solid privacy fence design which gives complete privacy from the neighborhood. But it comes at a reasonable price compared to the brick compound wall. All the fence panels are tightly attached on one side of the horizontal rails. The wet weather may cause swelling of panels and they may pop-off the rail.So, painting and staining is a must.
You can make dog-ear shapes at the top ends of each panel to form unique designs.

Placing the wooden boards on alternate sides of the horizontal rail is also a good option. One wooden board is fixed on the inner side of the rail and the next is fixed on the outer side. This creates a classic pattern allowing the flow of breeze and maintains privacy.
Another way is having a hybrid privacy wood fence panel style. Here, the bottom three quarters of the total height can have solid privacy fence and the remaining part above it can have lattice fence. Lattice fence is made of diagonal slats arranged in a crisscross manner to form square-shaped holes. This will give an attractive look to the complete fence.
While designing the gate, you can have the wooden boards of equal height or you can gradually decrease the height of boards as you move from the center towards the corner of the gate, where it is attached to the fence.

Gates can be colored distinctively than the remaining fence to give an exclusive effect.
You can use any type of wood while you put up a wooden privacy fence but you can check out for some of the commonly used woods:
  • Red Cedar or White Cedar
  • Treated wood
  • Redwood
  • Spruce, Pine or Fir (These are commonly known as white woods due to their white appearance)
Rotting is generally a problem at the bottom of the fence. In this case, cedar, treated wood or red wood are good options, they being more rot-resistant as compared to the white woods.
Importance should be given to the quality of items used while installing wood privacy fence.Strong and galvanized metal nails, broad and sturdy hinges, latch with a child-lock and good quality wood will form a durable, attractive and best wood privacy fence, lasting many years. Go ahead, explore these options for a peaceful world with a great privacy fence.