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Indoor Office Plants to Change the Look of Your Workplace

Sujata Iyer Nov 20, 2018
A nice way to fancy up your office is to add some indoor plants in it. Read ahead to know which are some of the best ones.
Indoor plants keep the air clean, they absorb any pollutants that may be present in the air and also help to keep the area cool. Apart from that, they add to the aesthetic value of the office too. Wouldn't you love to enter an office that has a lovely flowering plant at the entrance?

Alright then, let's see some of the best can be added to your office d├ęcor.


This plant is also called Devil's Ivy. This is because, if this vine is not pruned regularly it can grow quite a lot and spread quickly. The pothos plant requires less light and can grow well even in humid weather. Its lush green leaves have a lovely marble finish which makes it a great on-the-shelf or at-the-window-sill plant.


One of the easiest species to maintain, different types of cactus, too, are a fabulous choice for office plants. Its plus points are that it can grow in direct sunlight, needs very less water and maintenance, and looks really spectacular. What else do you need from an indoor plant?

Rubber Plant

Quite a favorite indoor plant, this one is. It has deep green leaves, can grow in minimum sunlight, and has the ability to absorb harmful substances from the air in the office. So, if you're thinking of a rubber plant for your office, it's an excellent choice.

Potted Tulips

Potted tulips are the perfect way to go if you're in the mood of adding a dash of color to your office. There are different types of tulips that you can choose from to give your office a merry and festive look.


Another pretty plant which you can add to your office is the jade plant. It is a hardy plant which can grow well in extremely hot temperatures and in moderately fertile soil. So, it does not demand much, really. And it looks great too!

Spider Plant

Another easy plant to grow and maintain, even in an office, is the spider plant. It is pretty to look at, does not require too much water or light, and thrives well even in dry soil. A truly low-maintenance plant, this one, with its cute little spider-like leaves bursting out of the pot.

Lucky Bamboo

Another good decorative plant for your office is the lucky bamboo plant. This plant has bright green leaves and needs to have its roots immersed in water. Believed to be lucky by Feng Shui, this plant gives the office a bright and vibrant look and feel.
Those were some of the options of indoor plants that you can use to brighten up a dreary and boring workplace and invigorate it with a breath of fresh air!