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Indoor Herb Garden Layout

Buzzle Staff Mar 27, 2019
Indoor gardens are for those who have no space, or simply yearn to be surrounded by greenery all yearlong. These gardens can transform an old and boring room into a vibrant living space.
Indoor plants have been proven to clean and clear air in the apartment or house. These plants do require commitment in the areas of watering and feeding, but they are also a front-line against allergens and dust. If you have very little space at home, you can use the kitchen ledge for container.
A south or west-facing window would be good. A garden must be planned according to the herbs you would like to grow. Once you have thought about this, you can experiment with colors and types. While selecting the area, it is important to take into consideration drainage conditions.
You should also check up on the height, foliage, and space requirements of various herbs before getting your design in place. While deciding on the bed, keep the space restrictions in mind. The garden should also be easily accessible.



This term is used to refer to the process in which herbs are steeped in boiling water to be drunk as a tea.


This refers to the process in which the dried herbs are simmered in hot water.

Herbal Ointment

The process in when herbs are combined with other ingredients and made into a cream.

Herbal Compress

The process wherein a gauze or cloth is soaked in an infusion or decoction and wrapped and applied externally.

Herbal Wash

The process in which herbs are added to water and are used to heal and cleanse externally.


These are a few things that need to be kept in mind while working with herbs for medicinal purposes or food.

► Remember that you can personally identify the herbs you are using. This helps ensure that they are safe.
► While preparing an infusion or decoction, use only glass or porcelain for cookware and mixing bowls.

► While preparing herbs for storage, place them in an air-tight container and store in a cool place. Do not refrigerate the herbs.
► While making recipes, stick to the recommended dose. Overuse can defeat the purpose for which you are using them. The most beneficial herbs can also turn toxic if overused.

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