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Indoor Flowers That are Quite Easy-to-grow and Smell Really Good

Indoor Flowers that Smell Good
Did you ever notice that our sense of smell is one of our five senses that we have the least control on! Now imagine walking into a room that didn't smell nice! Want to welcome your guests into a fragrant room? Here are few suggestions of indoor flowers...
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
The above line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has inspired many a generations since the time it was first written. We often associate a trait very strongly with a thing - and hence lovers have always described the scent of their sweetheart to be 'as sweet as a rose'! However there are a lot of fragrant flowers that bear an exquisite, intoxicating smell. Though some of these are big guys and need ample space, many of them can be grown indoors as well! There are many options from which to choose, and a novice is bound to get confused! So here is a list of some indoor flowers that smell good to help you along.
Easy-to-Grow Indoor Fragrant Flowers
It is very important for an amateur to choose an easy-to-grow plant as a first. Plants - especially flowering plants - demand attention and care. However, some are rather hardy, and these are best to begin with. After all, you wouldn't want to end up killing your very first plant!
White Tuberose
It is one of the easiest flowering plants to grow indoor. The inflorescence looks almost divine, with beautiful white tubular flowers. The plant is propagated as a bulb and requires bright light and well-drained soil, so you can prop it up in a sunny window in your house. Avoid planting it in frost/winters, as the plant need warm, sunny weather. A potted tuberose can make a boring shelf or cabinet look fresh and attractive!
Hoya Flowers
The genus Hoya consists of about 200 to 300 flowering species of which H. carnosa is the most popular. The flowers have a strong wild fragrance and grow in clusters. Being a shrub, it is often propagated through stem cuttings. Hoyas come in different colors, from peach to pink to pearl-white and look very delicate and pretty. A useful tip is to keep the plant in bright but indirect light to ensure blooming. Also the plants should completely dry out between watering.
Winter Narcissus.
A personal favorite, a narcissus bears many flowers at a time. A single plant bulb gives rise to a small bouquet of narcissus flowers; so you can plant 4-5 bulbs together in a big pot, or just place single bulb in a small pot. They come in different colors, either completely yellow, or white with yellow or orange trumpets. so you can plant different bulbs in a single pot and have kids wondering why all the flowers in a single pot are not same in color!
Pink and white carnation
These pretty flowers have a spicy clove-like fragrance; but one that is mild. Potted carnations can look really pretty on a center-table. They grow tall, and hence can be cut and placed in a vase on the dining table as well. The cut-flowers have a long vase-life and stay fresh almost up to a couple of weeks!
Fastidious Indoor Fragrant Flowers
Once you gain some experience in indoor gardening, you can move on to plants that need a little more attention and care. It is worth the pain it takes to grow these fussy individuals, for the reward is truly beautiful!
Yellow Roses
There are several types of roses that can be grown indoor as potted plants, and even in gardens. Miniature roses are a popular choice. They occupy only a limited amount of space. The key to growing roses is to provide the plant with everything in the right quantity and at the right time. A rose plant in full bloom is a breathtaking sight and a reward in itself. Plus there is something about roses... they bring out the poet in you!
Passion Flower
Purple Passion Flower
Though quite uncommon as an indoor plant, a well-maintained passion flower vine can add beauty and elegance beyond compare to your home! Being a vine, a passion flower plant can be made to grow in interesting ways, for example to adorn a window or a door frame. A potted passion flower vine can be made to climb up your window. Just imagine having a study-table next to such a window... what a delight!
Yellow Orchid
Growing an orchid can be quite a daunting task in itself, and only the most experienced gardeners attempt to do it! However, after gaining mastery in growing an orchid indoor, you may upgrade to one of the many fragrant orchid cultivars that are now available in the market. 'Sharry Baby' oncidium is a chocolate-red colored, yummy-smelling orchid; and believe it or not - it actually smells like chocolate!
One of the best things about indoor plants is - you can move them anywhere you want, anytime you want! You can move them from a shady corner to a sunny window, or simply from the drawing room to your bedroom! They can change the look and feel of a room. If you have a garden, you can even move them out into the garden. Flowering plants can attract many visitors to your garden too - from hummingbirds to butterflies. They add color and joy to your house and make it a beautiful place to live in. Go ahead - intoxicate yourself!
White Narcissus Springtime
Roses Flower In Spring
Beautiful Carnations In Red Cup
Pink Carnations
Peach Colored Carnations In Garden Pots
Red Roses
Bouquet Of Roses In The Vase
Roses in flower market
Woman In A Wreath From Roses
Beautiful pure white narcissus