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Information about Impatiens Flowers

Information about Impatiens Flowers

Want to add a splash of wholesome colors and hues to your garden? Impatiens Flower is the answer to this question. Leaf through this article to know more about it.
Azmin Taraporewala
If you are keen to add a character to your garden and create a swish landscape design, here is an opportunity to do so. Opting for Impatiens flowers would be a wise decision on your part. Your garden should perpetually remain green. These flowers colored in striking shades will give the look that many cherish for.

Facts You Ought to Know

Lay your hands on some hardy yet colorful facts about Impatiens flowers. Here they are:
  • Impatiens flowers are aboriginals of Eastern Africa and bloom in abundance throughout North America.
  • It is a popular annual that provides a dash of color to the garden throughout the year, thus being an active bearer of flowers in all seasons.
  • In scientific nomenclature, it is called Impatiens Walleriana, whereas its common name is 'Busy Lizzy'.
  • Impatiens don't encourage a frequent feed of fertilizers. To witness a prolific growth pattern, it is suggested that the soil assumes complete dryness in between the watering cycles.
  • The foliage has a thick and bulky appearance that promotes a phenomenal flower burst.
  • The height range oscillates between 8 to 21 inches and the mature spread ranges between 12 to 18 inches.
  • As it is an annual plant, the bloom begins with early spring until winter strikes. It requires intermittent watering cycles and should be ideally planted in shaded or partially light deprived areas.
  • Impatiens could be used for making hanging flower baskets. They also serve as garden borders or ornamental plants and bedding plants.
  • They bloom in variegated colors viz., vibrant reds, soft yellows, baby pinks, rich purples, and creamy whites.
  • Well-drained soil, fortified with the properties of humus, encourages foliage that is rich and thick.
  • The care includes trimming a small part of their botany. The method of pruning their stems will also prove purposeful. This will give the foliage an overall look of freshness.
  • Impatiens flower's essence is used to relieve pain. Impatiens instead of morphines possessed a supreme power to heal and relieve pain. Its magical properties of healing were discovered by a famous authority on medicine by the name of Dr. Bach in the year 1928. Its essence also helps one to get rid of irritability, impatience, mood-meter swings, and oscillating behavior patterns. It is also a helpful remedy that assists one to deal with stressful and tension filled situations.
Susceptibility to Diseases

The diseases associated with it are of two types: (1) Bacterial and (2) Fungal.
  • The bacterial disease causes sudden withering, decaying, and collapsing of stem and a yellow tint on the underside of the stem.
  • The fungal disease causes brown colored bumps and spots on the stems and leaves, decaying stems with yellow pigmentation on the foliage.
  • In such a case, get rid of the plant as soon as possible by using garden tools. Wash the garden tool with hot water and bleach to remove the disease causing organisms.
  • A good spacing strategy and effective weed control measures can prevent Impatiens flowers from countering bacterial and fungal diseases.