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How to Skillfully Use a Sod Cutter

Omkar Phatak Oct 7, 2018
A sod cutter is an absolutely necessary tool for removing grass from a garden. However, one must understand it use, before going on a grass uprooting pursuit.
Sod Cutters are popular garden tools, that are used nowadays, to clear a garden of weeds and unwanted vegetation. This is a short manual explaining its use.
It is one of the most used hand gardening tools, after the shovel. The simplest kind looks like a shovel, but with a difference. Not only does it have a serrated edge, but also an angled back. Although it is much like a shovel, it can cut sod better and faster.
The serrated edge, helps in effectively uprooting the weeds from their roots. The sod cutter is the successor of the traditional shovel, which outperforms its predecessor, when it comes to removing sods and cutting grass. Not only does its use make grass cutting easier, it saves a lot of time too.
Sod cutters, with an attached metal blade, of the size of a foot, are also available. The way you use it is by pressing your foot down on the blade and walking across the garden. As you move ahead, the blade uproots the grass that comes in its way.
This particular type is useful in lawn care. It is used for giving the lawns, clearly defined edges, so that they look neat. One may also find sod cutters with a curved blade edge. Designs vary with manufacturers. Use one that suits your style.

Using it Efficiently

Using a sod cutter is simple, if you know how to use a shovel. Though their structures are different, their method of operation is the same. Just press the cutter into the sod, in such a way, that you can scoop up the whole sod.
Then, step in with your foot and force it deeper into the sod. The angled back of the cutter will keep you from getting too deep into the soil. As you press down with your foot, the roots will start loosening and will be cut by the serrated edges.
Then scoop up the sod. If you intend to lay that sod elsewhere in the garden, keep the grass side at the top and handle it with care.
Gas-powered sod cutters are also available, that look similar to tillers. They can be used to clear large tracts of land. They are noisy and a bit rough to handle, but they do the job.
As they roll away, they cut the sod into rectangular pieces. These pieces can then be rolled and taken away. Look at the extent of the gardening job and decide which type you would like to use.
If you are creating your new garden, in a place which has been neglected for long, then you will have an army of weeds to take care of. This is an ideal job for a sod cutter. Rather, in such a situation, using it is inevitable.
They can also be used to totally clear a path for a sidewalk, that you want to create in a garden. It is an ideal tool for edging a lawn and giving it a nice and sophisticated look.