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How to Remove Tree Roots?

You Cannot Ignore These Tips on How to Remove Tree Roots

You must know how to remove tree roots without damaging the trees, as it can be a costly job if not done in the proper manner. The following article will tell you more about this.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
There are two conditions in which the tree roots need to be removed from the ground. Sometimes, the old trees spread their roots over a long period of time. They can cause problem to other plants as well as disturb the proper gardening. The other condition is when the tree falls off the ground or it is cut down due to some reason or the other. In such a case, the remaining of the roots need to be removed, or else they spoil the beauty of the landscaping. The tree roots or the tree stumps are the most unwanted part of the fallen trees. In this article, you will learn how to remove tree roots.
There are several effects of the roots on the soil as well. All in all, they need to be removed from time to time. This needs to be planned beforehand. There are several services that can help you with the task, but it is always better to get to know the manual technique of removing the roots. There is an equipment called stumping grinder. However, there is one problem with these instruments, they are pretty expensive.
Hence, a person cannot always rely on them. The DIY removal technique takes manpower and patience. There are several other tree removal techniques that can be implemented on the tree roots that remain on the garden ground after the tree has been uprooted. These remnants of the trees actually cause trouble for many reasons. Here are a few techniques that can be used.
Hand Digging
Hand digging is the best technique when it comes to removing tree roots of shrubs, bushes, and other small plants. All that a person needs is a shovel, root saw, grub hoe, and a lopper. You need to pull the roots off the ground by using the grub hoe with the ax head.
Stump Grinder
A stump grinder is very effective for removing stumps that are sized from 6" to 12". They are heavy duty materials that perform this task in absolutely no time. But, hiring stump grinders is an expensive thing. You can buy one of your own, and then enjoy the machine with a little bit of maintenance task.
It is a tough task to remove roots that are deep in the soil, as there is always a risk factor involved of harming other plants. A backhoe can be very useful at this time. Tree roots are removed off the ground by pulling them with the backhoe. Backhoes are a bit messy, they create a lot of unwanted wad of wood that needs to get cleaned up as soon as possible.
Though not a safe option, but many people use fire to remove the roots. They simply build a fire on top of the tree root and let it burn until the root is totally gone. This method is actually beneficial if there are only a few roots that need to get removed. But, there is always a possibility of creating pollution with this method.
Many chemical solutions are available in home improvement stores as well as in the garden centers. These chemicals, when sprinkled on the roots, make them rot quicker than their usual speed of rotting. This is a method of decomposing by using chemicals. This process is not too fast of course, as they just hasten up the process of rotting.
Tree Root Removal Instructions
The ideal time for removing tree roots is during the summer. The other important thing to consider is the technique you want to use. If you want to use the stumping grinder, then it comes with the instruction pamphlet with it. If you are going with the manual method, then the mattock or a pickax is the best for you! It comes with the broad end that helps in digging the hole around the root. Follow the instructions as follows.
  • Measure the diameter of the tea trunk with a measuring tape in feet.
  • Multiply the feet measurement of the tree-trunk diameter by 12, and again add the diameter in the resultant. Now, add 1.5 into the final sum.
  • Now, convert this whole calculation into inches and measure this distance away from the root, this step is done to protect the tree from any harm.
  • Drive the pickax vertically downwards into the root. Make cuts that are longer and not so splintering. Repeat the cutting procedure until the root is removed totally!
Wasn't that easy! I think the manual way is the best and inexpensive method. All that it takes is a little bit of patience, that we have in plenty while gardening! What say!