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How to Regrow Grass

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Aug 20, 2019
Regrowing grass in the lawn requires removing dead grass, preparing the soil, sowing grass seeds and regular watering. If you are worried about the bare patches in your lawn, read on to know more...
A lawn is a common feature for any type of landscape design, be it private gardens or public parks, lawns are maintained to add a welcome touch of green to the yard.
While every gardener spends much effort in taking care of lawn grass, maintaining a uniform green lawn is easier said than done. The most disheartening part is the development of brown patches in the lawn grass. If you are facing the same problem, learn simple ways to regrow grass.

Tips on Regrowing Lawns

Before you actually start with the process, try to identify the causes of the bare patches or brown spots in the lawn, so that you can avoid them in future.
The probable reasons for these problems are application of excess fertilizer, disease, exposure to prolonged dry spells, and repeated stepping over the grass. Look for signs of pathogen attacks and discuss with a gardening expert to contain diseases in the early stages.

Remove Dry Grass

The first step for regrowing grass is removing the dried patches from the bare areas. For this, gather a rake and other garden tools for uprooting old grass.
Using the required supplies, remove dead and browning grass as much as you can. For patches that cover large areas, you may need to rip out dead grass from the affected spots.

Condition Soil Properly

The nutrients in the affected areas are probably disturbed. Hence, you need to add essential plant nutrients through soil medium. Purchase a superior soil mix, and add some in the affected areas to label the soil surface.

Purchase Seeds

The next step is sowing the seeds. Nowadays, reseeding lawn mixtures are available in nursery centers. Purchase a suitable mixture according to the type of grass you have planted in your yard. The mixture contains seeds, fertilizer, and mulch in appropriate amounts.

Add Seed Mixture

Add a layer of the seed mixture by following the directions mentioned on the package. Using a rake, spread the mixture, so that the seeds cover the bare patches evenly. In the first few days, make it a point to water twice daily and follow basic lawn care tips. Within a few weeks, the seeds will germinate and new grass will sprout in the areas.

Basic Lawn Care

If you notice sparse growth, you can sprinkle some seed mixture again. Remember to water  regularly, so that the grass seeds do not dry out. Within a month or so, you will notice luxuriant growth of grass in the affected patches. To ensure that grasses do not have to compete for nutrients with weeds, consider weed control by the reliable methods.
Regular care and maintenance becomes more challenging if the lawn is in a high-traffic area. For such a case, you can make passageways, and prevent repeated stamping over other areas of the lawn. By these simple guidelines, you can have a lawn that is your friends' envy!