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How to Recycle Tires in Your Garden

How to Recycle Tires in Your Garden to Make it Eco-friendly

Looking for innovative ways to recycle scrap tires that are no longer in use? Described ahead are some really interesting ways in which you can use recycled tires in your garden. Why not have a look?
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2019
Tyre Swings At The Playground
Recycling used tires can be a very good idea owing to the millions of tires that are discarded every year in the U.S. While there might be several ways of putting old tires to good use, using them in the garden seems to be one of the best options.
This is because recycling old tires by using them in the garden to grow plants, not only has the potential to help the environment but also to add to the aesthetic appeal of the garden, in more ways than one. Also, if you are planning to add a raised bed for those lovely flowers in your garden, then what better way to do it than with a stack of old tires!
Not only are they easily available and cheap (you can get them at throwaway prices from the local dealer!) but also add a touch of novelty to your garden. Moreover, it is safe to grow plants in tire beds, contrary to what some people believe. Here are some innovative ways to recycle used tires in your own backyard.
Recycling Used Tires in the Garden
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There are several ways in which you can use scrap tires to beautify your garden. From simple planters to compost pits to multi-storied tiers, there are options galore! Read on to learn how to recycle used tires to beautify your garden.
Simple Planters
This is easily the simplest way to use old tires, and they look truly amazing! Just grab an old tire, fill it with soil, add the required quantity of compost or manure, and plant your saplings in it. Simple enough?
To add to the space inside the tire, you can use a knife to cut off the upper sidewall. Tires absorb a lot of heat and this heat can serve to keep the plants warm even during the harsh winters.
Raised Beds
This is another way to use tires in the garden and is not only aesthetic but also serves several purposes. A raised bed keeps the soil warmer as compared to the ground. Add to it the warming effect of the tires and you have a plant bed where you can grow your favorite flowers all the year round!
There are other advantages of using raised beds as well. The excess water accumulated in the soil is effectively drained off. Higher the bed, the deeper the plants are able to spread their roots. Also, it checks the growth and spread of weeds to a large extent.
Composting Units
This is an innovative way to recycle used tires in the garden. For this, all you need is a set of tires of the same size. Take as many tires as you wish, depending on the height you want for the compost unit. Stack the tires one above the other, preferably after removal of the side walls.
Now, collect residues from the garden, such as old leaves, branches, flowers, fruit peels, etc and keep on dumping them into the stack of tires. Once the composting unit is full, gradually turn the unit upside down by placing the topmost tire at the bottom, placing the second one from top above it, and so on.
Compost in metal bucket
With time, you'll end up having a good compost ready that you can then use to tend the plants in your garden.
Playground Swing
This is perhaps the most interesting way to recycle used tires, and is sure to add a special touch to your garden. Just paint the tire in an attractive color and drill holes around it for the ropes to pass through.
Now, tie the ropes to a sturdy tree branch and voila! You have a pretty swing ready for your kids to have fun! However, keep in mind that you must use strong ropes to ensure the safety of the swing.
Window Boxes
Ingenious, original and environmentally method of recycling
Window boxes are small plant beds that are portable and can be placed on the window sill or even hung from the ceiling with hooks. These miniature hanging gardens can enhance the look of porches.
To make a window box out of a used tire, all you need to do is take a tire, cut off the side walls and cover the bottom surface with wood or metal. You can drill holes for hooks on the sides, if a hanging garden is what you wish to make.
Fill the tire with soil and drill a small hole slightly above the bottom surface for drainage of excess water. You can choose from a variety of plants that grow best in window boxes and have your very own miniature garden. You can be all the more creative by painting the tire in attractive colors that go well with the color of the exteriors of your house.
Pots for Growing Root Crops
You can use a stack of tires to grow root crops such as carrots, potatoes, onions, radish, beet, etc. All you need to do is stack the tires one above the other, fill them with soil, add compost or fertilizers, and plant a few saplings of the crop.
Begin with one tire and as the saplings begin to grow, add another tire and more soil. Continue till the crops are fully grown. This way, the crops get more vertical space to spread their roots and this automatically results in a higher crop yield.
So, now that you have learned about some of the ways to use old tires in your garden, you can always use your own creativity to come up with many more ideas. Hope this helps you create an amazing garden that is not only full of color and beauty but also environment friendly at the same time!