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How to Prune Lady Banksia Rose

When And How to Prune a Lady Banksia Rose to Make it Look Attractive

Lady banks rose is one of the much sought-after rose species, for its exuberant blooms. Here are some tips to prune a lady banksia rose.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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Did you know that the largest rose bush in the world is in Tombstone, Arizona? The most interesting part about this rose is that it was planted in 1885. It is a lady banksia rose, which is popularly known as lady banks rose. This rose bush with the Guinness record, covers an area of 8000 square feet and its trunk is found to have a diameter of around four meters. From the very size of this gigantic rose bush, you may infer the growth rate of a lady banks rose. This rose can grow and spread very fast and produce enormous amounts of blooms that cover the whole plant. Other plus points of this rose are that they lack thorns and are free of pests and diseases. Though the plant blooms once a year, it is worth waiting for them to flower. Lady banks roses are very easy to grow and needs only basic care.
Some Lady Banksia Rose Facts
Lady banksia rose (Rosa banksiae) is native to China, where it is found in mountainous regions, especially at altitudes of around 1000 to 2000 meters. The plant is believed to be growing in China for a very long time. The plant was named after Lady Banks, who was the wife of botanist Sir Joseph Banks. In 1807, Sir Joseph Banks appointed William Kerr for plant expedition and lady banks rose was brought to Europe by this person.
There are two varieties of lady banks rose. The variety with white, small flowers (Rosa banksiae var. normalis) is considered the wild type. However, other types like, Rosa banksiae Lutea and Rosa banksiae var. banksiae are highly popular for their yellow flowers with several petals. Every year, these roses bloom during spring. As they grow and spread rapidly, proper lady banskia rose pruning is highly essential. This will enhance the looks of the plant and also help to curb its uncontrolled growth.
Pruning Lady Banksia Rose
Though, it can tolerate a wide range of growing conditions, lady banksia rose has to be planted in a location with good sunlight and well-drained soil. You have to make sure that the plant has enough space to grow. You may provide the plant with a trellis, pergola, fence or other such structures, for climbing. Lady banksia rose care include regular watering till the plant gets established. After that, watering is needed only when the soil gets dry. Feeding is done, as in case of other roses. Feed them after the winter frost and continue once in every six weeks. While feeding has to be stopped after the flowering season, pruning is usually done at this stage.
Pruning a banksia rose is done after flowering. It could be either during the end of spring or onset of summer. The basic aim of pruning a lady banks rose is to remove dead or diseased branches. Even damaged branches are to be pruned. Such branches can be identified by the color changes of the stem. If the stems are yellowish or brown, you may remove them. The branches have to be removed from the very base (as close to ground). Loppers can be used for this purpose. You may also remove the canes that are overgrowing, if you wish to reduce the size of the plant. In that case, make sure that the cut is made just below a set of leaves. In this way, you may also prune the branches to a standard height.
It would be better if you gain a thorough knowledge about growing and pruning a lady banksia rose, from the local nursery authorities or a horticulturist.