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How to Mow With a Corded Mower?

A corded mower can be one of the best tools you can use for your lawn maintenance needs. A corded mower lets you get the lawn cut with a consistent flow of energy coming through.
stacy johnna Sep 19, 2019


You won’t have to worry about the mower stopping due to a battery dying out. More importantly, you won’t have to add gas, oil, or any other dangerous fluids when maintaining your mower. The lack of emissions is a big plus as well. But you will have to look at how you’re going to mow your lawn with a corded mower.
There are multiple rules for mowing if you wish to cut your lawn with a mower. These are rules that focus on the safety of the task at hand. The most important point is that the mowing task won’t be too hard to follow if you look at what you’re doing before you begin working on your yard.

Check the Extension Cord

You’ll need an extension cord to ensure your corded mower can work as well as it should. Make sure the extension cord is long enough to cover every part of your yard. You’ll need enough of a range to where you can reach the far ends of your yard without the cord getting in the way of anything. The extension cord should also be a heavy-duty model.
The cord must be flexible to handle the stress that comes with bringing it out. Anything that may bend or wear too easily could be dangerous to your yard. Be sure there are no bare spots on your extension cord. A bare area where wires are exposed could be dangerous, as it can be a significant electrical hazard.

Note How You Position the Cord

You must ensure to not place the extension cord where your mower might run over it. You might have to lift the cord over the mower after every pass you complete. This is to ensure the cord will not be in the mower’s line of motion. Keep the extension cord away from exhaust chute.
The grass may not harm the cord, but the added air that comes through exhaust chute could heat up the cord and cause it to wear out. Flipping the cord after each pass ensures no problems from the cord not being in the right position. Keeping the cord from the chute also ensures that no foreign objects will impact the cord.
There may be times when a small pebble or branch goes through the mower. The material could shoot out and possibly damage the extension cord if it gets in the way. You should still use your diligence and ensure the lawn is clean before you start mowing and be observant of anything you are about to run the mower over.

Avoid Wet Conditions

You should not try mowing a lawn when it is wet. Wet conditions can cause mower to short out. You may experience electric shock depending on the quality of the mower and extension cord.

Don’t Run the Mower Just to Move It

You should run your mower when you actually have to cut the grass. Never try to move your mower by running it. Starting the mower at the precise spot that you will begin mowing at, makes it easy to plan mowing work.

Move Away From the Cord

Always mow in a direction away from extension cord linked to your mower. Do not go too close where the cord is located when mowing, or you could be at risk of accidentally cutting through a part of your mower.

Mow Across the Slope

Make sure that you do so across slope. Never mow up and down with the slope. You could be at risk of slipping and having the mower moving in a direction you don’t want. You will have more control when you mow across a slope.

Review the Plug Area

The specific place that you plug the extension cord into your mower should be noted well. The cord on your mower may protrude by a few inches from the base. This should provide enough room to mow correctly.


Being able to use a corded mower the right way is critical to your lawn care success. Be sure to look at the rules that come with using a corded mower and that you can ensure you’ll have an easy time caring for everything where you are.