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How to Make Your Terrarium an Eye Candy By Creating a Waterfall

Dhanashree Patane Apr 7, 2019
An eye-catching piece of art like a waterfall on terrarium is fun to make. An easy way to make a terrarium waterfall, is described here. Let's take a look.
Waterfalls are a beauty to watch, how about building a small waterfall that can be fixed in your home? For those with the love for arts and crafts, or with a passion to use terrarium on a creative platform, building a waterfall is an excellent option.
A terrarium waterfall will be a live attraction in your home or lawn, and when it is homemade, you cannot help, but admire your creation. A waterfall landscape is the theme that can be included along with many other terrarium ideas to create a beautiful structure.
Whether it is closed or in an open environment, these can be excellent for any purpose, for adoring an empty corner, enhancing the landscape of your lawn or it can be built as a home to your pets like frogs and other animals in the aquarium.
A terrarium is a small habitat for animals and plants, and to create the same small and eco-friendly structure in your home is a good option. Adding a natural piece of furniture, will not only enhance beauty but also keep the house lively with flowing water and keep you refreshed, every time you look at it.

Easy Ways to Make a Terrarium Waterfall

Before you begin, make sure you conduct a little study about the space and the use of the waterfall. It may also require little maintenance. If there are pets like amphibians that are going to live, make sure you get enough information on safety and health of the same.

Materials Required

  • Styrofoam
  • Saw dust
  • Plastic or similar containers
  • Slate and rock pieces
  • Strong Glue (plastic or metal glue)
  • Pump (fountain pump)


✦ You may want to chalk down the basic design of the terrarium and water fall. Like the height and the width. Depending on the same, use Styrofoam to create the structure. Mount the Material on a strong and thick sheet of plastic, fiber or cardboard. Make a pile, that looks like a rocky terrain.
You can also use plastic cans and bottles to expand the space. Now, mark the place where the waterfall shall emerge, and also the course of the flow of water. Accordingly you will have to mark places where the water will collect before flowing down. Make at least one receptacle for water, to balance and create a smooth flow of water.
✦ Now dig or cut the portion where you want to place the container. Glue all the pieces of Styrofoam together and again cover with a coat of grout or strong adhesive (not too thick or too watery), on the entire surface of the terrarium.
✦ Once done, take a fountain pump. These pumps will have an inlet and outlet, that are tubes on the top and the bottom of the pump. You may want to check the pump first, before sticking and fixing it in the container.
Some pumps may also come with suction cups, that are situated below, that will draw water from the container. While some also come with a pipe that draws water from a source at the bottom of the waterfall. Make the necessary adjustments to enable the pump to draw and release water smoothly.
✦ Once the pump is fixed, get to decorating the terrarium. To make it look very natural, on the adhesive coat, when it is slightly wet, sprinkle some saw dust and stick come small pebbles or stones on the surface. Let it dry completely.
✦ Now coat the waterfall in waterproof paint. Use colors like brown for the base shade. Then over lap with greens, to make a real terrarium. Use your creativity when decorating the terrarium. You can also use some small plant and other material to create moss and a similar texture and environment.
✦ Place the box of pump in the terrarium now, and make sure your glue it well. Add lots of pebbles and other plants to cover the container from the sides.
✦ A good way to seal the waterfall and the areas that the water will be flowing and settling in, is to use an aquarium grade silicon, or waterproofing material. Let this dry for a few hours. Then, the chances of the terrarium getting spoil due to water will be less. Now fix all the electrical units and fill the containers with water, and turn on the pump.
Enjoy as the water splashes down a marvelous creation of terrarium waterfall, that you made all by yourself at home! A little study in the aquarium shop will help you get the best of materials to make this wonderful product.
There are endless options that when used creatively, can get you amazing waterfalls on a terrarium. So get your ideas racing, for a fun filled experience of making a terrarium waterfall.