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A DIY Guide on How to Make a Seesaw

Abhijit Naik Nov 26, 2018
A seesaw on your own property will turn it into a playground for your kids. If you thought it would be difficult to build a seesaw, we will guide you through the entire process.
A seesaw, also referred to as a teeter-totter, is a long, narrow board, either suspended or supported at the center so that one end goes up, while the other comes down. It's an outdoor play equipment, wherein two individuals sit at either ends of the board and use their feet to launch themselves up, turn by turn.
It is most often used by children, so the area around the seesaw is often filled with sand or wooden chips to ensure that even if a kid falls while playing, he doesn't get hurt.

Hardware Required

The hardware to make a seesaw includes ...
  • Two 2×8 inch wooden boards
  • Two wooden posts
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the edges
  • Drilling Machine
  • Liquid nails construction adhesive
  • Screws to fix the seats
  • Marine rope to make the seat handles
  • A galvanized pipe to make the pivot bar
  • Hacksaw to cut the wooden boards
  • Spade and pick ax for digging the ground
Even though wood is the most popular material, metal and plastic seesaws are also very popular. Once you are ready with the required material, you can start by grasping the basics.

Do-It-Yourself Guide to Make a Seesaw

Cut a 2×8 inch board to a length of 9 feet to make the seat board of the seesaw. Cut another 2×8 inch to the same length for the brace board. Take two 2×8 inch wooden pieces, cut them to at least 3 to 4 feet each; these will act as the vertical posts for your seesaw. Use sandpaper to smoothen their edges, as sharp edges can hurt your kids while playing.
Next step is to plant the posts in the ground. Dig two holes in the ground and plant the posts into them. Ensure that holes are at least a feet deep for a strong foundation and fill with concrete to strengthen the posts. Make U-shaped notches, 2-inches deep, at the top of each upright board, and at the center of the brace board. These hold the pivoting bar.
Upturn the brace board so that the notches are down and fix it to the top of the upper side of the seat board. Secure them with galvanized screws. You can use some strong adhesive, like liquid nails construction adhesive, to fix them together. The pivot bar made from galvanized pipe, should be placed inside the notches.
Make sure that this bar is a bit longer than the required amount, as you will have to leave about 2 inches of pipe hanging out from the sides.
The holes that you drill into the vertical posts to fix the pivot pipe can be secured using metal dowels, so that the pivot pipe doesn't come out. Use marine rope to make the handle of the seesaw. Drill small holes and pass the ropes around 17 inches from the end of the seat board.
Secure the ends with a knot. You can put a coat of weather resistant paint on your wooden seesaw to keep it safe from the weather.
Having residential playground equipment in your backyard can help you turn your backyard into a playground and bring a smile on your kid's face. So go ahead and do it. But obviously you will have to put in a bit of efforts, but the warm smile on your kid's face will be worth it.