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Want to Know How to Make a Sandbox? We'll Be Your Guide

How to Make a Sandbox
A sandbox can be an amazing playing equipment for kids. In this article we list the steps that will help you make a sandbox at home.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Steps To Make a Sandbox

The materials required for making a sandbox are construction grade lumber, circular saw, a box of 3-inch galvanized nails, hammer and a 50 pound bag consisting of playground sand. Wood is one of the best materials for making the sandbox, but you can also choose other metallic materials. Avoid the usage of chemically treated wood. The best available options are fir, pine, and untreated spruce. The next step is to cut the wood. Next, cut a piece of size 2 x 12 inches. Cut another piece which is 3 feet in size, and 10 more pieces which have a length of ½ inch each. Now, take two more pieces of lumber of size 2 x 12 inch and cut them into 4 pieces. The next step is to cut four pieces of 4 x 4 inch lumber into 11 pieces having a length of ¼ inch. Then cut the plywood into triangular shapes, each of them having each side of 15 inches. With the help of 2 x 12 inch lumber, assemble the frame. The short pieces will make the sides of the box, while the longer ones will make the front and back of the box. In order to secure the corners of the box, you can use nails. Nails having a size of 3 inches are preferred, as they can hold the corners of the box well. With the help of 4 x 4 inch block, brace the corners. If you braced the corner well, then a 90 degree angle will be created. On each side of the block, secure each angle with three nails.

Tip To Make a Sandbox

The sand contained in the sand box should be collected from a playground. Avoid using construction sand as it might contain harmful chemicals, which might cause an adverse effect on your kids. To add more comforts, you can also create seats. For enhancing the look, you can make the sand box of different and varied colors. You can also paint pictures of different cartoons on the sandbox. In order to keep you sandbox away from dust and debris, you can also make a sandbox cover.
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