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How to Make Outdoor Patio Curtains

Tulika Nair Jun 6, 2019
If you are looking at redecorating your house and creating a cozy nook in your patio, then you may want to learn to make outdoor patio curtains to shield the private space a little more, and to add a decorative element.
A house with a patio or a porch can be a haven during the monsoons or the winter when all you want is to curl up in a recliner or a swing with a book in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other. You can also use the patio as an additional living area if your house French windows that open into the patio.
In such a case, having outdoor patio curtains shielding the house from unnecessary scrutiny can be a great idea. You can choose to have sheer drapes, bamboo shades, or traditional curtains depending on your aesthetic sense and the decor of your house. Once you have chosen the curtains for the patio, you will need to make them.

Making Patio Curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains for patio can transform the space in a matter of minutes. Not only is this a great way of adding a design element to the space but it also allows the owners some privacy from people gazing in. While you could easily buy curtains to match you space, making your own patio curtains can bring a certain sense of satisfaction.
While stitching and hanging up your patio curtains, you will need quite a few things. This includes curtain rods, fabric for the curtains, scissors, sewing machine, and a measuring tape. Once you have all the things that you need, just follow the simple steps given ahead in order to make outdoor patio curtains.
► First and foremost, you need to take measurements of the patio doors to determine the length and width of the curtain rods and the fabric that you will using.
To determine the length of the curtain rod, you will need to measure the width of the door or window frame. While picking out the curtain rods, ensure that the ones you pick out are rust free curtain rods.
►After deciding the fabric for making the curtains for the outdoors, you will need to take measurements. Measure both the length and the width of each curtain and add about 2-3 inches to the measurements for the hem and the pockets for the curtain rods.
Ensure that when you are cutting the material, you multiply the measurements with the number of curtains that you need.
► While buying the fabric for the curtain remember to buy a variety that is not only heavy but also durable enough to withstand the elements of nature as these will be hung outside.
Also try and choose fabrics that are resistant to dust, moisture, and also in a fabric that will not fade away quickly due to constant exposure to the sun.
► The thread that you need to use in order to make outdoor curtains should be sturdy and strong as you want it to be able to handle the wear and tear that it will undergo on a daily basis.
► Next comes the actual process of sewing the curtains. If you are already an amateur seamster or seamstress, then making the curtains may not be a huge task for you. In order to make the curtains, the first thing that you would want to do is to create a pocket for the rod to be put through.
Once the pocket is made, you can hem the bottom of the curtain. In order to make the sewing process simpler, you could choose to fold the edges and then iron over them to create a seam line to sew on. You could also pin the fold to make it easier to sew.
► Making patio curtains actually needs very little sewing. Once you have sewed the curtains, all you need to do is put the curtain rods through the pocket holes that you have created and hang them up by placing them in the brackets that you have in place.
You now know that making outdoor patio curtains is not a very difficult task. The only step that may take a little test may be the process of actually sewing the curtains but once you are a little more proficient with sewing, it may be a task that is nothing more than a quick weekend project which can completely transform the way your patio looks.