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How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

Kanika Khara Jan 10, 2019
If your neighborhood dogs or stray dogs are coming into your yard and causing damage, here are some simple steps to keep dogs out of your yard.
Most of you must have had the experience of a neighbor's dog digging up your garden and lawn and ruining the landscaping. At such times, you may find yourself helpless and frustrated. However, now one need not worry as here are a couple of solutions that will help you figure out ways of keeping dogs out of your yard.

Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repellent

A battery-operated, self-contained unit having a motion sensor sensing movement upto 20 feet away. Once motion detected, it turns on its powerful and extremely loud 124dB ultrasonic piezo siren, for a few seconds.
The siren is so strong and irritating that the dog instantly scampers off and if the dog tries to return, it blasts again.
It has another advantage that this animal repellent is completely safe and will cause no damage to the animal's hearing powers. Since it is ultrasonic, it is inaudible to humans and so won't bother you along with protecting your yard.

YardContro Electronic Yard Fence

It is also a battery-operated device, protecting a 360 degree area around the sensor. This unit employs a radar to determine movement up to 15 feet away for a total coverage of 700 square feet.
With an effective sound frequency, adjustable from 8 kHz to 50 kHz, it not only keeps dogs off the yard but also deer, cats, and other small ground mammals.

Scarecrow Sprinkler

This homemade dog repellent device immediately releases a short but startling burst of water when it detects dogs or any other animals in the vicinity. The sudden water, movement, and noise scares the animals away, and discourages them from invading the area again.
Being safe and eco-friendly, all it requires is a small amount of water. It can cover an approximately 1200 square foot area and due to its highly-sensitive motion detector, it has the ability to detect small as well as large animals.

Some More Useful Tips

◘ Remove any sources of food and scraps from the yard as food can be one of the prime reasons for the dog entering the yard.
◘ Close all outside entrances like underneath decks and porches to help keep stray dogs out of the yard.
◘ If you have a female dog, it is better to get her spayed as this will not only keep male dogs off your yard but will also control the pet population.
◘ Construct a sturdy, fairly-high fence around the perimeter of your yard to hinder the dog's access to it.
If you are facing a recurring problem with dogs, especially stray dogs, then contact your local dog warden and register a complaint.
These were some simple ways to keep dogs out of your yard and prevent them from damaging it. These measures can prove to be helpful, and next time you won't have to come across any such annoying and unpleasant experiences.