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How to Keep Dogs off Lawn

Sonia Nair Feb 9, 2019
Your well-maintained lawn can be spoiled by neighborhood dogs, stray dogs, or even your own pet dog. Here are some tips for keeping dogs off your lawn.
You have spent lots of time and effort to make your lawn the most well maintained one in the locality. Nowadays, neighborhood dogs and even stray dogs are among the frequent visitors to your lawn.
Even if you have a fence around the garden, most of these animals manage to squeeze in through the gaps. You are tired of removing dog poop from the lush green grass and the beautiful flower beds.
There are many people out there, who are facing similar problems, and almost all of them need a solution. If you are one among them, go through this write up for some simple ways to keep dogs away from your lawn.
If your dog is responsible for spoiling the lawn, proper training can be a solution. In case of neighborhood dogs, intimate your neighbors about the problem. You have to scare away the stray dogs, so that they refrain from entering your lawn.
You may also seal the holes in the fence and keep the gates closed. If all these measures fail, you can resort to the following methods, which can prevent dogs from entering the lawn.


Using repellents is an effective method to keep dogs off your lawn. There is no need to go for the commercial ones, as many household materials can be used for this purpose.
One such repellent is cayenne, black or red pepper powder, which has to be sprinkled over the grass to deter the dog from entering the lawn. You may replace it with coffee grounds a good fertilizer for grass. Other such repellents include vinegar, moth balls and ammonia.

Baking Soda Solution

Sprinkle a solution of baking soda and water on the grass.
All you have to do is add one cup of baking soda to a gallon of water; and sprinkle this solution, especially on those spots, where the grass has dried up due to the urine of the dog. This solution helps to grow back the grass as well as to repel the animal, which fails to identify its usual spot.

Wet Grass

It has been observed that, dogs avoid wet grass. If the trespasser dog has a fixed timing, you can start the sprinklers, so as to wet the grass and prevent the entry of the dog.
Repeat it for a few days, and the dog will find another spot to empty its bowels. Thus, your lawn will be spared. If this solution is impractical for you, then you can go for motion detected sprinklers.
These sprinklers release water in full pressure, as soon as the animal enters the lawn. This sudden noise and water spray can scare the animal, and prevent him from entering the lawn. Apart from that, the sprinkler will wet the grass, which also works as a dog repellent.

Water Element

Fill water in glass bottles and containers, and place them in various locations in the lawn. This will deter the dog from defecating or urinating there.
This is one of the widely used methods, as it is believed that, dogs will not defecate near water. Whatever may be the rationale behind this theory, there are many people who vouch for the efficacy of this method.
You may also opt for chemical repellents, which can be bought from garden stores or pet stores. Electronic repellents and dog fences are also available, and can be used to scare dogs. You may choose any of these methods, and ensure that your lawn remains clean and beautiful, the way you want it to be.