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How to Install a Fence Post

Suketu Mehta Mar 12, 2019
Learn how to install fence posts into concrete, read ahead about the steps to install one around your house to keep it protected.
To keep undesirable people away, or to simply protect your home and compound, you need to install a border fence. On the surface it does seem to be a very challenging ordeal, which requires some assistance from a technically qualified person.
However, this is not true. Installing the fence post is the main thing, and that is only a moderately challenging task, which can be performed by anyone. The only possibility which may keep people away, is the fact that it is time-consuming.

Materials Required

  • Cement
  • Branded concrete
  • Gravel
  • Wires
  • Fence Posts
  • Levels

  • Wheelbarrows or carts
  • Post hole diggers

  • Garden Trowels
  • Post hole augers
  • Sand
  • 1-by-2 boards

Installation Procedure

Step 1

To start with, you will need to make a marking at the spots where the posts will be installed. Normally, there is a 6 to 8 feet gap between each post. Strike a pole, preferably so that the marking is prominent and does not disappear at any point of time during the whole process.

Step 2

Determine the area where your fence will come up , and consequently figure out it's perimeter. Take a string and place it along the perimeter. Doing this will give you an idea about any obstructions in the way like trees, hedges or anything else.

Step 3

If you are building posts yourself, or buying them ready-made, ensure that they are at least 2 feet longer in height than the finished fence. Once you have the posts, you will need to fix them at places you have done markings previously. To do this, use either a digger or a post hole auger. The holes you dig should not be more than 2 feet deep.

Step 4

After you have dug the required amount of holes, you need to fill them with gravel for around 3 inches from the bottom. This will help in the drainage process. Now take your posts and carefully fix them into all holes. You should level all posts using a bubble leveler. Just to firmly fix the posts, use wires or hammer nails on the posts.

Step 5

The next step is preparing the concrete mixture. For this, you will have to mix together three parts gravel, one part cement, and two parts sand, along with concrete. Add water to this mixture generously, so that it becomes thick and dense.
Take this mixture and pour it into each and every hole where you have placed your fence posts. Fill these holes up to ground level. To remove any air bubbles formed, poke them out using a 1-by-2 board.

Step 6

Look for the level and correct the post's position if necessary. With help of a trowel, apply some more concrete around the base of every post. Doing this shall prevent any water puddles forming in this area and ensure a sturdier fence post. Allow it to dry, and you have successfully completed installing your fence post.

Tips and Tricks

  • Prior to installing fence posts, you need to know precisely where your property line is situated. You do not want to build a fence around an area which is not your own.
  • In case you are unsure of your property limit, cross check the same with either your real estate agent or your neighbors.
  • Certain localities have specified rules regarding the type, height, and other aspects of fencing. Check this before you start constructing your fence line.
  • When you are preparing your concrete mixture, do it in a wheelbarrow. This will provide you with the option of good mobility when you go about installing fence posts.
After going through the aforementioned steps, you will realize, it is easy. Do it yourself and keep your house protected all the time.