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These Simple Hacks Show How to Increase the Speed of Lawn Mowers

How to Increase the Speed of Lawn Mowers
You need to be well-versed with the parts of the lawn mower in order to increase its speed to the desired level.
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
A lawn mower is a machine that is used for cutting grass. They are generally used for lawns spread over a large area. Lawn mowing becomes less time-consuming and less laborious by using these machines. They simplify your gardening work and provide an easy way to cut your lawn evenly.
Components that Influence Lawn Mower Speed
Engine Pulley
Mowers that are equipped with belt system can be made quicker by changing the size of the pulley. Belt driven lawn mowers have two pulleys. One is connected to the engine, while the other is at the rear of the lawn mower. Also, known as the motor pulley, the engine pulley is fixed on the engine's crankshaft. Increasing the size of both these pulleys can work to speed up your mower.
The governor, an important part of the gasoline engine controls the flow of fuel to the engine. In other words, the governor sets the upper limit of the engine speed. The amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine in operation is decided by the spring attached to the governor. Reducing the length of this governor spring may benefit in making the lawn mower faster. If that doesn't work, simply detach the spring and check whether there is any improvement in speed without the spring.
Air Filter
Air filter
In case, the air filter of the mower has not been cleaned for a long time, it can also reduce the power supply to the engine, thereby affecting its performance and speed. To simply put, a clogged air filter can certainly slow down the speed of the mower. In such a situation, changing the air filter can give an extra thrust to your lawn mower. The air filter is located on the left side of the lawn mower engine, in the circular compartment. You can either clean it thoroughly or remove it completely and purchase a new one to achieve the desired speed.
Engine Oil
Adding oil to mower
Changing the oil will allow the engine to work more efficiently, which in turn will increase the speed of your lawn mower. Using the right engine oil will not only allow your mower to give an outstanding performance as far as speed is concerned, but also improve the longevity of the engine.
Spark Plug
Spark plug
The spark plug generates the spark in order to ignite the mixture of air and fuel, which is necessary to run the engine properly. A faulty spark plug can also disturb the normal working of the engine and limit the speed of the mower. So, you may have to install new spark plugs to increase its performance.
The carburetor is a device that combines fuel and air in the right proportion to ensure that the engine operates in the correct manner. Hence, any issue with the carburetor can slow down the performance of lawn mower.
Installing battery
How do you expect your electric lawn mower to run properly, if the battery has low power. So, before you start your mower, ensure that the battery is charged to its capacity. However, defective batteries, may not recharge properly. In such a scenario, one should use new batteries to empower the mower.
Drive Belt
Warn drive belt
In some cases, the drive belt or the cable is worn out, and that can slow down the speed. Replace it to increase the speed of your machine.
Something Important
Gasoline and electric lawn mower
Depending upon the energy source, the lawn mower is classified into 2 main types: gasoline (petrol) and electric mowers that run on batteries. The battery operated mowers are ideal for small and medium-sized lawns. It is observed that gasoline driven lawn mowers (that use spark plugs, air filter, carburetor) deliver the most power and usually recommended for big lawns that are dotted with thick grass.
So, depending upon the type of lawn mower, the procedure to improve speed will vary accordingly. Also, every lawn mower comes with a manual that provides details of the technical aspect of the machine. So, read the manual and you may get to know some tips to improve its efficiency and speed.
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