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How to Grow Wheatgrass

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Jun 23, 2019
Growing wheatgrass is an easy way to get a continuous supply of this nutritious, curative plant. Learn how to grow wheatgrass at home, and you can surely maintain luxuriant plants both indoors and outdoors.
Wheatgrass is known to possess multiple properties, in terms of supplying essential nutrients and curing medical problems. It is an excellent food for people who are very concerned about their diet and health. Simply speaking, wheatgrass is a grass like plant grown from wheat seeds.
Containing beneficial nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll, wheatgrass health benefits are appreciated by people all over the world. The tips to grow wheatgrass are easy, and most hobbyists prefer raising wheatgrass at home for juice preparation.

Growing Wheatgrass at Home

Do not confuse wheatgrass with wheat malt. No doubt, both are derived from wheat cotyledons. But, unlike wheatgrass, malt is prepared from sprouted wheat and is consumed in dried form. You might be familiar with wheatgrass juice sold in pure form or in concoction with other healthy drinks in juice bars. 
Also, wheatgrass supplements in the form of frozen juice, tablets and powder are sold in nearly all health food centers. Once you know how to grow wheatgrass at home, you can easily maintain luxuriant plants right in your kitchen. Explained further are guidelines for growing wheatgrass at home.

Growing Wheatgrass Indoors

Indoor gardening of wheatgrass is for those who do not have a spare land for sowing wheat. If you already have a green thumb, then you will find the instructions to grow wheatgrass indoors very easy.
✔ For growing wheatgrass, you will need organic wheat seeds, organic potting soil, gardening tray and spray bottle. You can purchase a wheatgrass growing kit that comes with organic seeds, growing tray, potting media and growing directions.
✔ Take wheatgrass seeds of sufficient quantity, based on the size of the growing tray. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and add in a large container. Pour enough water (2-3 times of the seed quantity) and soak the seeds for 8-12 hours.
✔ After the soaking time is over, drain water and keep aside. This pre-sprouting step is taken for fast growth of wheatgrass. Fill the growing tray with potting media of about 2 inches depth (or a mixture of planting soil and peat moss).
✔ Sow the sprouted wheat seeds in the tray, making sure they are not sparse or crowded. A layer of evenly sprayed wheatgrass seeds is ideal. Water the seeds lightly with a spray bottle.
✔ Cover the tray with a newspaper to reduce evaporation of soil. Place it in a cool and warm area for 2-3 days, or until the plants are 1 inch high. Always keep the soil moist during this period.
✔ Remove the newspaper and place the tray near a window, or where the young plants can receive indirect sunlight. Lightly water the plants everyday. Your wheatgrass are ready for cutting within 8-10 days, when they attain a height of 8-10 inch.
✔ Cut wheatgrass stem at the bottom, just above the soil layer. Wash it and use directly for juicing to get maximum wheatgrass benefits. Or you can refrigerate them for a few days.

Growing Wheatgrass Outdoors

Speaking about how to grow wheatgrass outdoors, it is as easy as growing regular plants in garden soil. For your reference, gardening steps to be followed for wheatgrass sprouting and growing outdoors are given ahead. 
✔ During fall or spring season, select a shady area for raising wheatgrass. Loosen the soil with a suitable garden tool for promoting healthy growth of roots. For poor soil, supplement it with organic compost and peat moss in equal amounts.
✔ Soak organic wheat seeds for 12 hours in a container. Drain soaking water and allow the partly sprouted seeds to air dry for some time. Once you are done with seed preparation, lightly water the planting site.
✔ Sow wheatgrass seeds evenly (about 10 seeds per square inch) and gently press them into the soil. Cover the seeds with straw or spare newspaper for quick germination. Also, ensure that the soil is moist at all times, not soggy.
✔ Within 7-8 days, you will notice growth of wheatgrass. Water the plants regularly to induce fast growth. You can harvest them when they are about 8 inches high. With sharp scissors cut the stem and use immediately.
The most interesting part with raising wheatgrass is that you can harvest it within 2 weeks of planting. With this rewarding hobby, you can include this plant as part of your healthy diet. Also, you can participate in wheatgrass therapy and wheatgrass healing approaches, which are purported for natural curing of certain medical problems.