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How to Grow Trees from Seeds

Growing Trees from Seeds is NOT Difficult: We'll Tell You How To

The subliminal existence of trees delights the human race in repose and resonance. By growing trees we favor the ecology and the environment. So why not plant seeds that would reap not only trees, but also joy and happiness in a way. Well, your contribution would be deemed priceless, and this article tells you exactly how to do it.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Trees can be grown in a number of ways. You can either plant seeds, graft plants, or use roots. This article concentrates on growing trees from seeds. It is not only an economical way, but is also easy, low-maintenance, and less time-consuming. Follow the steps mentioned below to effectively grow a tree from a seed.

  • The process starts with extracting the seed. If the seed has a protective covering, make sure that you remove it before the germination starts.
  • You can get rid of this layer by rubbing them gently with your hands. In a paper bag, place pine and spruce cone. Store this bag in a warm and dry place until all the seeds have fallen out and you can see the opening of the cones. If you think that it is taking longer than usual for them to open up, you can soak them in water for some time. This will speed up the process of their opening.
  • Once they open up, allow the seeds to dry. Keep them in a tightly sealed plastic bag and store this bag in a dry place. If storing them for a shorter period, store them at room temperature, else, it is better to refrigerate them.
  • It is at this stage, where the seeds start germinating.
  • Once germination is complete, you can start sowing the seeds. For this, make use of individual containers or seed trays. Fill these containers with soil. Leave a margin of about half an inch from the top of the container, so that it doesn't overflow with soil. If the seed is long, sow it halfway through the layer of soil. If the seeds are smaller, scatter them evenly on the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with another thin and even layer of soil. Make sure you water the seeds sufficiently and regularly.
  • To ensure proper growth, it is important that the seeds always be kept moist and spaced out. To keep them from drying out, cover the container with a thin plastic sheet or a thin glass plate. Keep checking on the seeds to make sure that they haven't dried up.
  • If you realize that the plant is growing at a faster rate, then shift it and plant it in a bigger pot. But, make sure that you do not disturb or damage the plant while doing this. You may also plant them on the ground or the lawn if the tree is going to be very big. Big trees should be given enough space to grow else, their growth will be hampered.
Follow these simple steps and revel in the joy that comes out of planting a seed and watching it grow into a tree. The experience is truly rewarding.
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