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Useful Tips on How to Grow Stargazer Lilies

Sonia Nair Mar 5, 2019
Stargazer lilies are highly popular for their breathtaking flowers. Read ahead, for some tips about growing these lilies.
If you are a person who loves lilies, then stargazers could be one of your favorites. This oriental hybrid lily that was developed in 1970s, gained popularity for their beautiful upright flowers.
The name stargazer is derived from their upright flowers that face the sky. This feature is not seen in other types of lilies. Today, stargazer lilies are so popular, that these flowers are often used in flower arrangements and bouquets.

Tips for Growing Stargazer Lilies

✦ Get some stargazer bulbs that have to be planted during the fall. You may either buy them from the local nursery or from online traders.
✦ Choose a location for planting them. An ideal location must have at least six to eight hours of sunlight, and must be protected from winds. This is because the flowers are produced on long and thin stems that are prone to breakage. The soil should be fertile and well-drained.
✦ Once you decide the location, you have to remove the weeds, rocks, and unwanted materials from the soil. Add a good amount of compost, and mix it well with the soil. You may also add the required amount of fertilizer meant for lily bulbs.
✦ Dig holes that are two to three times the height of the lily bulbs. If you want them to grow in groups, the bulbs of the same group must be planted at least six inches apart. The groups must have a distance of two feet in between. If you want a single plant, then plant one or two bulbs.
Cover the holes with soil that is enriched with compost and fertilizer. If you want to provide them with stakes, then install them while planting the bulbs. You may also mulch the area, so as to keep out weeds.
✦ As the bulbs grow during the spring, use plastic garden tape to tie them to the stakes. Water the plants moderately, as too much watering may attract pests, like slugs. Beer kept in an open dish is good for killing slugs, as they get attracted to the beverage and get drowned.
✦ Stargazer lilies flower during the summer. You may add a small amount of fertilizer to these plants, at that time. Once the blooming stops, remove the dead flowers (not the stem) before they develop seeds. This ensures that the bulb remains healthy for the next season.
✦ If you want to grow these lilies indoors, then get a large pot with good drainage. Add some fertile and well-drained acidic soil to the pot, and plant the bulb. As the sprouts emerge, mulch the soil with moss mulch.
The pot must be placed in a location that offers partial sun (preferably morning sun). Indoor stargazer lilies must be watered only when the soil starts drying. You may fertilize the plant once a month.
You may contact the local nursery officials or a horticulturist, for further inputs. So, get going, and grow stargazer lilies that can brighten your garden and interiors. If you want to grow them indoors, make sure that the plant is out of reach of felines, as stargazers can be poisonous for cats.