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How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in a Pot

Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in containers. Here are some tips about growing these.
Sonia Nair Apr 16, 2019
Cherry tomatoes are perfect for those who want to grow tomatoes that are not that messy and produce a good yield. Apart from the standard red ones, cherry tomatoes are also available in various shades like yellow, orange and white. An outdoor garden is the best place to grow tomatoes. But, these tomatoes can also be grown in tomato grow bags or even pots.

Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Pots

So, cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and even beginners can grow them without much difficulty. You may either grow these plants from seeds or from seedlings. Seeds or seedlings of your favorite cherry tomato plant can be obtained from the local nursery or through online suppliers.
It will be better to get some from the local nursery. The following guidelines about how to grow cherry tomatoes in containers, will prove useful in doing this task properly.
✦ Though, these tomatoes can be grown in almost all climates, it will be better to plant them after the last frost (if you want them to be planted outdoors). If you want to grow tomatoes in pots, then you have to sow the seeds in small pots with potting soil.
✦ While the pots must have a minimum diameter of three inches, they must have a depth of at least an inch. Sow two seeds in each pot and make sure that the potting soil is maintained moist.
✦ It will take around 10 to 14 days for the tomato seeds to germinate. You can fasten the germination process by covering these pots with clear plastic bags. Place the pots along with the plastic bags in a warm room. As the seeds germinate, remove the plastic bags and place the containers in a location with good sunlight.
✦ At this stage, over watering is not advisable and all you have to do is to make the soil moist, as it gets dry. As the plants grow slightly bigger in size, you have to transfer them to larger pots. Clay pots (with 6 to 8 inches diameter) are ideal for this purpose, as they are sturdy enough for stakes. You may also opt for good plastic ones.
✦ Use good organic potting mix to grow cherry tomatoes. You may mix some compost into it. Fill one third of the pot with this potting soil and make a hole in the center. It must be big enough to hold the roots of the plant. Gently remove a seedling and plant in the hole. Fill the hole with enough soil and press it firmly. Don't forget to water the seedling.
✦ Place these pots in a location where the plants will get at least six hours of daily sunlight. Make sure that the soil is maintained moist and not soggy. You may feed the plants on a weekly basis with water soluble fertilizer. Another aspect of cherry tomato care is proper staking. This will ensure that the plants do not tip over as they grow.
✦ You must also make sure that the tomato plants are free of pests. This can be done to some extent by planting basil and marigold near your tomatoes. Other pest control measures can be taken, as per the advise of local nursery authorities or an expert horticulturist.
If taken care of properly, these plants will provide you with a good yield through the mid summer to the end of the fall. So, get some cherry tomato seeds or seedling and start planting them.
This way, you can enjoy a fresh supply of these tomatoes. The mentioned particulars are for informational purposes only. So, you may contact the local nursery authorities and clear your doubts with regard to growing cherry tomatoes in pots.