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How to Get Rid of Snakes in your Yard

Nicks J Mar 31, 2019
Has your yard become a home for snakes? Read next to know about how to keep the snakes away from your yard.
After watching the movie 'Snakes on a Plane', you can understand how terrifying it can be when humans come in contact with these reptiles. Considering the movie, you can get an idea of what problems you may face if these reptiles land up in your yard.
Snakes come and go as they please from your yard is a cause for concern, as they may soon enter directly into your house. So, one has to think of a solution to get rid of these intruders at the earliest.

Getting Rid of Snakes

Use Snake Traps

The traps provide a simple way to capture these intruders. Snake traps are available in various designs and are manufactured after consulting people who have had experience in trapping and capturing snakes. Go for devices that only trap and not kill the snake. Factors like durability, effectiveness and safety are to be considered when buying them.
If more than one snake is residing in your yard then buy a snake trap that has the ability to catch multiple snakes. Many people prefer the 'Cahaba Snake Trap', as it is durable, strong and easy to use.

Keep Your Yard Clean

If plants and trees are growing haphazardly in your yard, then don't expect your yard to be free from these reptiles. The vegetation in your garden that includes bushes, plants, and shrubs has to be trimmed on a regular basis. If this is not done, the same vegetation in your yard creates an environment, favorable for the snake to stay without being noticed.
Trimming the plants will expose all the hiding spots of the snake that it uses for protection in your garden. In case, you have a lawn in your yard, make sure to mow it regularly. With no places left in your garden for hiding, the snake won't take the risk of staying in your yard.

Install a Fence

This method can be expensive but definitely prevents the reptiles from accessing your backyard. However, this method works only when the fence is fixed properly. You need to buy snake proof fence in order to keep these intruders away from your yard. A snake proof fence is basically a galvanized screen having a width of around 36 inches and ΒΌ inch wire mesh.
Ensure the bottom of the fence is at least 6 inches below the ground. The fence has to be fixed deep in the soil. Ensure no vegetation grows along the fence as it is like giving an open invitation to snakes to climb the fence. Measure the perimeter of backyard and accordingly buy, so the fence completely encircles the yard.

Keep Mice Away

If snakes are residing in your yard, there is a high probability that other intruders too are inhabiting in the yard. They are of course the mice, which snakes love to eat. So, firstly get rid of mice and you may automatically resolve the issue.

Do not Use Snake Repellents

There are a number of snake repellents available, in the form of sprays, powder and mothball flakes. Unfortunately, these repellents in no way prevent these reptiles from entering your yard. In order to make these snake repellents really effective against these intruders, you have to use them extensively in large amounts.
Too much dependency on snake repellents will make your yard unfit for use and harm the plants and shrubs. So, avoid using these products.
On the whole, you need to find out why snakes have made your yard their home and accordingly device a strategy to combat this nuisance successfully.