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How to Get Rid of Pincher Bugs

Getting Rid of Pincher Bugs is Not Difficult! Here's How To

Get some helpful suggestions mentioned here on getting rid of pincher bugs, and save your vegetables and plants from getting sabotaged by these pesky little pests.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018
Known as earwigs, pincher bugs belong to one of the smallest insect orders, popular in Americas, Eurasia and Australia. These have pincers that look like forceps, found on their abdomen. These pests do not fly but surely can.
Being nocturnal, the insects become active at night and feed on a large variety of plants and other insects. During the day time, they lie low in small, moist crevices. Earwigs which are commonly associate with large-scale destruction of various crops are the species known as Forficula auricularia (common earwig).
Saving Your Garden from Pincher Bugs
One of the most popular methods getting rid of pincher bugs is to fool these pests. As mentioned, these creatures love to bed in cold and damp places. So, what you need to do is to get yourself some old newspapers and roll them up loosely. Now, soak the papers in water but do not overdo it. Do this just before the evening falls.
Now, when it has become dark and cold, take the folded newspapers and plant them alongside the base of your plants in the garden. Your work is done here and you have to simply wait for the night. The next morning, take a plastic garbage bag with you to your garden and put the newspapers in it, sealing the bag tightly.
Be careful to pick up the papers carefully, as they won't be empty. What would have happened is that, in the previous night, these bugs would have crawled into the folds of these moist papers, to bed down for the day. Throw the bag in the dustbin and ensure that it is properly sealed.
Another method is using a used low-sided can. Fill it with ½ inch of used vegetable oil and leave the can where you have previously noticed these bugs. If you put a slice of banana or an apple inside the can, chances are that these pests would make their way into the can. And when they do, they would drown to death.
If you are wondering about what kills pincher bugs, then you must know about boric acid. This is a common weapon to get rid of these pests and is also safe for humans and pets. Sprinkle generous amount of the acid in places which are frequented by the bugs. Once the bugs pass across the boric acid-treated path, they'd trod this path for the final time.
Northern Mockingbird On Feeder
Installing bird feeders and bird baths in your lawn or garden also helps to bring down the earwig population naturally. These bugs make for some great delicacies for birds and applying this method solves two purposes. Birds get easy food and you get a earwig-free garden.
Getting Rid of the Bugs In Your House
A thorough vacuuming session repeated frequently would get rid of earwigs in your house in no time. Keep the vacuum ready before beginning the operation because as soon as you do, they will start scattering.
Be careful to empty the vacuum bag in a sealed container, and dispose it immediately. After you are done with it, give one more shot of vacuuming in the area concentrated by the bugs, lest there are eggs of these insects which might have been left out.
Nowadays, there are available various earwig-specific insecticides for controlling earwigs, which are not harmful to humans and pets. You can use these products as according to the instructions and treat the foundations of your house.
Farmer Spraying Insecticide
Best it is to spray these insecticides in a six to ten foot radius all around your house for complete earwigs removal. It is also important that you get rid of any trash in your house. Earwigs love to feed on them.
To conclude, try moving garden furniture and patio chairs around often and exposing them to the sun. Doing this would make it less comfortable for the earwigs to settle down in one place. Getting rid of such pests may seem daunting initially, but a bit of effort and using a combination of the methods described, would definitely yield desirable results.