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How to Get Rid of Crows

How to Get Rid of Crows

Crows can get to be a nuisance sometimes and force us to come up with ways of getting rid of them. Read the following article for some solutions.
Gardenerdy Staff
Have you had your perfectly quiet morning or an afternoon siesta shattered by the incessant cawing of crows? And then you've wondered how to get rid of them. But not just with the cawing, these birds bring with them some other problems as well. This article is for all those who've wanted to know the techniques of getting rid of crows and how to go about successfully carrying forth the same.

Crows are mostly annoying because of the racket they make and sometimes because of what they pilfer from the yard―odd objects or food. So there's a dual reason why you'd want to get rid of them. Sharing with you are some methods of how you can get rid of crows and stop them from being such a nuisance.

Cleaning the Yard
Crows are also called scavengers. Why? Because they eat almost anything (in that way they are actually good for getting rid of the garbage and waste food). So if your yard is not clean and has a lot of garbage in it, then there are chances that the crows are coming there and not leaving any sooner 'cause of the food they are getting. Clean your yard and there's a chance you won't be seeing the crows for a long time.

Build a Scarecrow
Anything that is huge and brightly colored will scare the crows. Fact. Try and notice where the crows gather around mostly and then place your scarecrow there. It isn't very difficult to build one either. Here's how you do it:
  1. Tie two huge bamboo sticks, intersecting them at the center to make a cross and use a rope or twine to hold them together.
  2. Use a brightly-colored shirt on the horizontal stick, filling the sleeves with the stick.
  3. Stuff the shirt with a lot of hay and keep the hay in place by tying it with a rope.
  4. Take one leg of an old trouser through the vertical stick and stuff it with hay if you want.
  5. Then use an old vessel or a huge pot for the head. Use clothes for the hair and decorate it in any way that you please.
You can even place an over-sized stuffed toy or a stuffed owl (crows are scared of them) in place of a scarecrow.

Splash Water
Keep a hose pipe, a container of water, or a squirt gun ready, and every time there is a crow attack, just spray or throw the water at them. This will scare them away. And if you do it on an everyday basis, the crows will stop coming to your yard completely.

Electric Devices
There are specialized CDs that have been designed with special sounds that scare crows away. Use these, and the crows will be gotten rid of quite naturally. There are other electric sound devices that use sounds of other predatory animals or other voices from nature that crows perceive as dangerous and leave.

Other Methods
Certain other methods that have known to work for different types of birds, especially crows are the following.
  • Clapping your hands and making a loud noise.
  • Banging pots and pans with the aim of making a racket to scare them.
  • Keeping a pet cat or dog might be a great solution for getting rid of them.
  • Spreading shiny objects that reflect the sun's rays through the yard, these will prevent the crows from making an entry. Crows hate the bright light that it creates.
And there you have it, some ways on getting rid of crows effectively. The next time your perfectly calm morning is being ruined by the neighborhood crow, you know what to do.

P.S. - Do not go about killing or hitting them. That is quite unnecessary when there are effective ways of getting rid of them instead.