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How to Get Rid of Bees

Getting Rid of Bees Isn't So Hard After All! Here's How to Do It

Bees play a major role in the ecosystem. Some species of bees are less welcome than the bumblebees. Information on how to get rid of them is provided here.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2018
Ground Bees
Biologists believe that bees are a part of the third largest category of insects. They are amazing creatures that help in pollination. It has been observed that bees communicate by dancing. They can be a nuisance when they build a nest near your house because a bee sting can be extremely painful.
There are many species of bees which are less welcome than the normal honey bee. They include the killer bees, European honey bees, and so on.
Bees are defensive about their nests and you may find over 40,000 bees in a single nest. Hence, you need to be careful while getting rid of them. A bee nest is made from a 'honeycomb' of wax and is found hanging from the branch of a tree, a cavity in a wall, attics, roofs, and basements.
If you do not know how to get rid of a bee nest, it is best left undisturbed till you get the aid of a professional.
Bee Removal Methods
Remember, bees are diurnal insects. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is find the nest. You can find their nest either early in the morning when the sun starts to rise, or at the beginning of dusk. These are the times when you would find them surrounding a beehive as they make their way out or in.
Getting rid of bees means having to kill them. Once you have found the location of their nest, get a spray of aerosol such as 'Raid'. It is always better to kill them at night because you can destroy the entire lot in one go.
Wearing an old sweatsuit with elastic bands, a pair of thick socks, and using a pair of good gloves is a good idea. A face mask is also recommended.
Spray the aerosol lavishly over the nest. To ensure that all the bees have been killed, you can spray it once more in the morning. However, if you happen to see a couple of bees buzzing around, then it would be wise to spray the aerosol once more.
Once you are certain that they are all dead, you have to remove the nest. If it is hanging from a tree or from a roof, knock it down and burn it. However, if the nest is on your siding, it is wise to get a professional to remove it. The chemicals that you could use to get rid of bees are Baygon, MicroCare, or borax dust.
The 'green' way to get rid of honey bees is by contacting a local beekeeper or a professional from the beekeeping association. The professionals have a knack of removing the colonies of honey bees to give them an alternative home, where they can carry on their beneficial work.
Another alternative is to burn the wood under the beehive at night to shoo the bees away without killing them. However, ensure that you close all the doors and windows before attempting to use this method.
If you have gotten rid of the bees from the hollow trunk of a tree, you have to fill the hole in the tree using waste paper and expandable foam. The reason is that the scent of the honeycomb is so strong, it may attract new bees to this location and the problem will recur.