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How to Fix a Broken Sprinkler Pipe

How to Fix a Broken Sprinkler Pipe

Does your lawn look like a marsh because of a broken sprinkler pipe? Do you want to know how you can fix it? Scroll down to know the technique of fixing a broken sprinkler pipe and maintain the beauty of your lawn.
Snehal Motkar
Broken sprinklers can bring with them a whole set of problems like loss of pressure, water logging and unexpected water fountains, leading to water wastage. To troubleshoot the problem you will have to look for a plumber who may charge you a fortune, meanwhile your lawn will start growing brown. To avoid this you will have to take just a few steps. Actually fixing a broken sprinkler is not as difficult as you think, rather it can be fairly easy if you have the right technique and equipment. Let us learn about the method for fixing a broken sprinkler pipe.

It is always better to list down the requirements beforehand as it becomes very irritating to visit a hardware store in the middle of a task. So, take a look at the requirements given below for fixing the broken sprinkler.

You will Need:
  • Pipe
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutter
  • Shovel
  • 2 straight connectors
  • Pen or a pencil
  • Rags
  • PVC glue
  • Primer (for PVC) and a threader (for metal)

Step # 1
The first thing you need to do is look for the leakage. It will be generally at the point where there is unexpected water sprouting out or a mucky grass area. Once you find the leakage it is easy to treat it, but if you take hours to locate the leakage it will be a tiring as well as frustrating job. So be attentive while you are identifying the leakage.

Step # 2
Once the leakage spot is found turn off the water supply. You can stop the water supply of your house if you have a separate connection, or you can contact the local water department and request them to turn down the supply. If you don't stop the water supply, the task will become extremely difficult.

Step # 3
Dig the ground with the shovel till the broken pipe is visible perhaps you can dig more to create enough room around the pipe to work. Make sure that you clear the area thoroughly by removing the water clogged near the pipe as well the mud and dirt.

Step # 4
Now, it is time to cut the broken pipe. Take a hacksaw or a pipe cutter and cut approximately 2 to 3 inches on both the sides of the pipe. If you are not confident enough about the measurements, take the two connectors, one with the female end and the other with the male end and hold them over the broken pipe. Mark the points on both the sides where you are supposed to cut the pipe.

Step # 5
Slide the male and female connectors into the new pipe and keep it aside. Take a rag and clean the ends of the pipe and remove the dirt properly. Also clean the ends of the connectors and apply primer (in case of PVC pipe) and a threader (in case of metal pipe) to the connectors as well as to the pipe ends. Let the primer dry.

Step # 6
Once the primer dries, apply PVC glue inside the connectors and on the outer surface of the pipe and attach them. Be quick in doing this because the glue might dry in air.

Step # 7
Leave the connection as it is for at least an hour or so. Wait until is dries completely because if you turn on the water supply before drying water pressure might disturb the connection come apart and your efforts will go in vain.

Step # 8
Now, it is the last step to check the success of the task by testing the working of new connection. Turn on the water supply and check for any leakage. If you don't find any, it is clear that you have followed the correct technique.

Fixing a broken pipe is a part of your sprinkler system repair. To avoid frequent pipe leakage and its breaking, keep monitoring your pipeline on a regular basis. If the problem in the system is not because of the broken pipe, you will need a thorough inspection of the system to find the cause of the problem.