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How to Cut Down a Tree

Want to Know How to Cut Down a Tree? We'll Be Your Guide

Learn safe ways to cut down a tree, before you proceed with chopping a tree directly. Proper planning is the thumb rule to avoid any danger associated with cutting down a tree. Read on.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
No doubt, trees beautify the landscape with a green touch, and give a cooling effect to the surrounding. But, felling trees become a necessity at times, particularly if they are severely affected by diseases, or blocking the way of passersby. Cutting down a tree is not as easy as chopping the trunk and removing tree stump. In fact, you need correct planning for it, in terms of ideal time, equipment and techniques. Here, we shall take a look at proper way to cut down a tree.
Cutting Down a Tree
So, you have decided to fall a diseased tree, and want to know the proper steps for tree cutting? First, you need to do your homework properly, and check for any probable dangers. See whether the tree touches power lines or not, and ensure that the tree felling direction is away from road or other traffic areas. Remember that safety for you and passersby is the first priority. Assuming that you are done with these preparatory steps, the following are some useful tips on how to cut down a tree close to a house.
Gather Required Supplies
Be ready with appropriate equipment, garden tool and safety gear for bringing down a tree. Manual approach to cut down a tree with an ax is possible for smaller trees, which trunk diameter is less. Otherwise, for larger trunks, you will need chainsaw and pruning saws. In addition, you need felling ax, wedge, rope, ladders, safety glasses, headgear, hand gloves and boots.
Check Tree Health
Assess the tree for any weak spots, root disease, dead twigs and branch arrangements. See whether the tree is live or not. You can confirm the tree state by hitting it with an ax at varied heights. If you hear a sharp cracking sound, that means the tree near your house is still live. A hollow, weak sound indicates dead wood.
Determine Felling Direction
Find out the felling direction (lay) of the tree that you are planning to cut. You can decide a rough spot that is away from the house and road (if any). According to the tree height, determine the area where the tree top will fall. Further steps to cut down a tree with a chainsaw will depend on the felling direction.
Cut top Branches
The next step is inspecting the tree branches. If there are several asymmetrical branches, consider removing them prior to cutting the main trunk. Decide a workspace, and position an orchard ladder in an ideal spot. Use the pruning saw or tree trimming tool to remove top branches of manageable size. If required, move ladder to cut branches from other directions.
Make a Large Notch
The next tree cutting instruction is to mark an area to cut a notch (at about hip height). Then, start with making a horizontal cut with a chainsaw. The cut should be about one-third of the tree trunk. Following this, make the second cut, such that both cuts meet as a notch. The wider side or mouth of this notch should orient towards the lay.
Cut Remaining Side
This step involves cutting the trunk from the other side of the notch with tree trimming saw. As you continue cutting, you will notice the tree beginning to fall towards the direction of the notch. If not, take help of a companion, and allow him to pull the tree with a rope. When it start falling, get out of the felling spot as soon as possible.
Finish off your tree cutting project with tree stump removal. In a nutshell, felling a tree successfully requires basic understanding about handling instrument and care from your side. I hope the above do-it-yourself steps to cut down a tree are informative to you. In case, cutting a tree sounds challenging to you, drop the idea of performing the task on your own. Rather hire an experienced person, who is perfect for the job of felling a tree safely.
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