How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit
Feeling skeptical with the idea of building your very own fire pit? Read this Gardenerdy post to know more about how to build a temporary fire pit right in your own backyard.
Gardenerdy Staff
A fire pit greatly helps to create an ambiance for the evening. You can build a fire pit in your backyard, and enjoy the warm fire and some freshly roasted meat on the fire. Or you can build a temporary fire pit when you are camping, and enjoying the warmth, light, and making S'Mores.
The process of building your own fire pit is fairly simple, however, taking safety precautions while building a fire pit should be given prime importance. Here are three ideas you can use to build and enjoy a fire pit at home.
Build Your Own Portable Fire Pit
Difficulty Level: Easy
If you don't have much time, but still want to enjoy a fire pit, then these are the best fire pit options for you. Also, you don't have to spend much time with tedious building materials. With portable fire pits, all you need to do is just assemble the fire pit materials, which come in the kit and within minutes you will have your own portable fire pit. Thinking, how to build a gas fire pit? With these kits you can build your own gas fire pit, or build your own natural wood burning fire pit. These portable fire pits are nicely enclosed with a mesh, or come with a grill grate lid, so that the top of the fire pit is covered, and you can use the grill for barbecue. You can get a basic metal wood burning fire pit under $100, or buy a table top outdoor fire pit for $300.
Build Your Own Stone Fire Pit
Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy
If you wish to build your own stone fire pit designs when camping out, use these tips. Firstly, ensure you are following all the outdoor fire pit safety tips, see that you are building a fire pit nowhere near flammable objects, or on flammable surface. Grave, stone or sand are good non-flammable base. Dig a hole in the ground, and build a stone ring around it. Then place some firewood in the hole, and light it up. On this fire you can hold some skewers, and roast sausages, or you can place a grill grate and enjoy roasting food by keeping it on the grill.
Build Your Own Brick Fire Pit
Difficulty Level: Moderate
To build a more sturdy permanent fire pit, use these tips. Ensure, you are maintaining all the safety precautions while building a fire pit, like building it nowhere near or over a flammable surface. Make an open small metal cylindrical structure, and place it upside down, with the upper side facing up. If you can't make this kind of surface, then just buy a large bronze bowl. Dig up a hole to fit the bowl in the ground. Make sure the metal surface is sturdily fixed in the ground, in case of the open metal cylinder or metal bowl. Then make a ring of bricks. This is the base layer. Then place another ring layer of bricks, on the base layer. If you want to make a permanent fire pit, you can join the layers by placing cement between them. Once you are done with this, place a wire metal mesh, or a grill grate on top of the bricks ring. The mesh/grill grate will prevent the embers from flying out of the pit, and will also help to roast food.
So, make sure you follow all the safety precautions to build it and enjoy the warm fire and roasted food.