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An In-depth DIY Guide on How to Build Your Own BBQ Pit

How to Build Your Own BBQ Pit
There is nothing more relaxing than barbequing meat with family and friends on a lazy afternoon in your own backyard. For a more intimate and satisfying experience, here is a Gardenerdy article that will give you detailed instructions on how to build a BBQ pit in your own backyard.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Setting Up the Pit
Check whether you require a site inspection from your local fire officials along with a permit. Also, follow the safe precautions required for setting up the pit in your backyard―minimum distance from the house and away from fences, structures, trees, hanging branches, etc.
The smell of juicy steaks, corn, and hamburgers being grilled on a barbeque is simply irresistible. It becomes all the more tempting when the aroma comes from one's own backyard. The history of barbeque mentions popularity in the 1950s, however, building barbeque pits fell out of favor with the masses as more and more people opted for gas and charcoal grills that stormed the market.

However, people are rediscovering the fun of organizing their own barbeque parties, and grilling meat in self-made pits as they drink margaritas and sway to the tunes of soft jazz playing in the background. If you wish to take up this DIY project, we have all the instructions you need. Go through the rest of the article carefully, and see how easy it all is to put a BBQ pit together.
Constructing the BBQ Pit
First and foremost, read all the instructions given below and see whether you have the basic knowledge of the instruments and tools used for the project. If you have any doubts about carrying out this project by yourself, do make it a point to either hire a professional or ask an experienced and knowledgeable friend to help you out.
Gather the Necessary Items
~ Concrete blocks
~ Bricks
~ Mortar
~ Gravel
~ Water
~ Shovel
~ Trowel
~ Hand Tamp
~ Braces
~ Measuring Tape
~ Leveler
~ Carpenter's square
~ Grill tops
How to Construct a BBQ Pit?
Measuring Space for Barbecue Pit
Measuring space
Depending on the area you've chosen for the pit, use a measuring tape to mark the area. For the purpose of explanation, we have chosen the dimensions 3 ft. x 5 ft. If you are going to be making the pit over the garden, make sure to trim the grass properly before beginning. On the other hand, for a concrete space, just sweep the area to remove any dirt and debris.
Dig Area for Barbecue Pit
Dig area
With a shovel, start digging in the area you just marked for the pit. Here, we have kept the depth of the pit at around 8 inches deep. Using the measuring tape, make sure area is evenly dug from all sides. Once the digging process is done, use a hand tamp to level the bottom of the pit properly. Also, in this step, you will need to soak the bricks with some water as this will help the bricks to bind with the mortar.
Adding Gravel for Barbecue Pit
Add gravel
Add at least 2 inches of gravel inside the leveled pit. First, use the shovel to pour gravel in and then with the hand tamp, level it properly.
Adding Mortar in Barbecue Pit
Add mortar
Outside the pit, place some mortar over a piece of block and add some water to make it slightly wet (not running wet). Using the trowel, add a 2-inch layer of wet mortar to the pit. Use the same trowel to level it properly.
Placing Concrete Blocks for Barbecue Pit
Place blocks
One by one, add the concrete blocks on all sides of the pit. However, keep a small gap between any two blocks to create a drainage area. Using the leveler, make sure all the blocks are at the same height inside the pit.
Placing Bricks for Barbecue Pit
Place bricks
First add a layer of mortar over the concrete blocks with a trowel and then start placing the bricks all around the pit. Finish the first layer of bricks on one or all sides, and then proceed to the second layer, so on and so forth. Make sure that all sides of the pit are of the same height.
Adding Metal Braces for Barbecue Pit
Add metal braces
Before placing the topmost layer of bricks, add some mortar over the bricks and place the metal braces on. These will help secure the grills on top of the pit.
Placing Grills for Barbecue Pit
Place bricks
Once the final layer of bricks is laid, let it all dry properly before placing the grills over the pit. And there you have it! Your very own barbecue pit is ready to be used.
A self-made BBQ pit looks great in the garden and a brick one further accentuates the look of the backyard. Building it involves proper planning and care. Bon appétit!