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How to Build Your Own Backyard Putting Green

Medha Godbole Nov 3, 2018
A putting green in your backyard is a great alternative to a proper golf turf. It could also be said that it is your personal golf course. The best part is that you can construct it on your own. This tips for golf enthusiasts who are thinking of constructing one for themselves.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is an excessively used cliche. But it is an apt description of a person who is completely engrossed in work and has absolutely no time for recreation.
Most of the professionals today are in this situation and they have to take extra efforts to switch off from their work. Moreover, after a day's work, the energy is sapped and it is difficult to go out. But if there is a facility at home, like a ping pong or pool table, or maybe a backyard putting green, then you wouldn't feel the need to get out.
Before you start constructing a putting green, you need to have hand digging tools, a probe, planers, plastic pipes, sand, sod, irrigation tubes, and seeds.

Task 1

Analyze your lawn area and mark the spot to build the putting green. Pick the highest point in your lawn, keeping in mind that the putting area has to be free from shrubbery and plants in its vicinity. The area where people constantly come and go is a big no no.

Task 2

Digging is the next thing to do. Make the area free of poor soil, lumps, shrubs, and stones by using a shovel. Even though this process is tedious and tiring, remember that if the area is not cleared properly, it will create an obstacle for your putts.

Task 3

You must order a soil sample after you have finished digging. So, go ahead and lay an inch layer of fresh soil. In some cases, people prefer to start with a layer of soil for better drainage. After this layer, lay out the top soil.

Task 4

The grass needs water, to grow once you sow it in the upper layer of the soil. So a good irrigation system is very crucial that include connecting the irrigation tubing from your home or installing a totally new system.
It is better to approach professionals if you are not sure of that process. If you are sure and super confident, go for it! Putting green grass needs a lot of care, so it is crucial to water the grass regularly.

Task 5

The chemical treatments for putting grass are different from that of normal grass and has to be done carefully. Also, the lawn mower for this is not the same as for normal lawn. Being in touch with greens helps you take better care of the area.
Feel the grass and the rising and falling levels of the turf, that will indicate the condition of the putting green. It will give you clues about how to take care of the grass.