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How to Build a Swing Set

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 6, 2018
Children love swing sets and you can build a swing set for your child in your backyard. It is not that difficult to build a swing set and it only requires some basic carpentry skills. Here we guide you with the simple steps on how to build a swing set...
Metal swing sets can rust and get eroded within a year or so. So, it is always preferable to build a swing set from lumber. 
Wood swing sets last for a prolonged period and they blend well with the backyard landscape. We will be discussing the method of building a swing set from lumber.

Steps to Build a Swing Set

The equipment you will require is:
  • Stocks (2' by 4'' and 2' by 10'')
  • Swings
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Concrete
  • Hammer
  • Drilling Machine
  • Circular Saw
  • Shovel

Step #1

Deciding the site for building a swing set is a very important step. Before you start building the swing set, prepare a layout and decide the exact location. Ensure that the child does not hit any object while swinging.
Preferably, choose a place that is covered by grass. If there is no grass, select a place that can be covered with soil. The site should have firm soil, so that the foundation of your swing set is strong enough. Once you select the site, level the area.

Step #2

Dig up four holes for the foundation of your swing set. The holes should be dug at an appropriate distance from each other, according to the layout of the swing set. The pit should be at least 1 inch in diameter and 4 inches deep. Pour the concrete into these pits and attach the anchors in the cement, before it gets hard.

Step #3

Now, you will be preparing the frame for the swing set. Use treated lumber for the swing set. Cut the stock of 2X4 inches into four equal parts, depending on the required height of the swing set, using a handsaw.
Miter the edges of these stocks, one to the anchor of the foundation and one to the top main beam. Use the 2X10 inches stock for the main top beam of your swing set.

Step #4

Prepare the horizontal bracing boards that will attach to the legs of the swing set. The bracing boards will ensure that the swing set is strong enough. Drill holes in these boards and install them to each side of the frame with the help of nuts and bolts.
You will require 4 such boards. Two boards will be fixed at higher ends of each leg and two at the lower ends. The higher boards should be fixed on inner side of the frame and the lower boards on the outer side.

Step #5

The swing set is almost ready. Check for any rough spots and edges. Smoothen the rough surfaces, if any, using sandpaper. You can paint the swing set with a color scheme of your choice. Make sure that you apply a primer base, if you want to use oil paint.
Now install the swings of your choice on the top beam. The number of swings installed should be according to the size of the swing set. There are many types of swings available, conventional swings, or simple swings made by tying large tires.