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A Beginner's Guide on How to Build a Park Bench Easily

How to Build a Park Bench
Here, we deal with the procedure of building a park bench. There are many park bench designs used for backyards, however, wooden benches are among the most popular ones.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Important Tip
Always keep extra pieces of wood around. In case there are mistakes while working on the original planks, one will have ready pieces to complete the park bench with.
Park benches have been hailed as one of the most comfortable outdoor furniture that one can spend leisure time on. This is why it is a dream of many enthusiasts to have one in their backyard or the porch. While hiring help and getting a bench built can become a costly affair, making one by oneself can definitely be taken up. Park benches can be made from wood, metal, and concrete. In the following sections, we will give you information about one of the easy to implement garden bench plans.
How to Build a Wooden Park Bench
Legs Leg brace Spreader Seat Support Back Support Seat slats
Materials Required for Park Benches
Park Bench Assembly
Park Bench Front View Details
Park Bench Assembly Side View
Park Bench Side View Details
Materials Required to Build a Park Bench
• Wooden Planks:
• 4 planks of 366mm length
• 2 planks of 565mm length
• 1 plank of 960mm length
• 2 planks of 485mm length
• 2 planks of 760mm length
• 7 planks of 1400mm length
• Bolts: 10, 12mm
• Clamps
• Drill
• Nails: 90mm (galvanized and flathead)
Instructions to Build a Park Bench
• Cut all the planks according to the lengths as shown in figure of materials.
• All the planks will be cut in a 10º angle, off square.
• To begin, lay the two legs (A) flat on the ground and follow this up by the leg brace (B).
• Next, place the seat support (D) on top of the two legs, followed by placing the back support (E) on top of the frame. Refer to figure of front view to get a clarity of how to place these.
• Once these planks have been placed in the right position, hold them together with the clamps and drill, and then bolt all the adjoining pieces.
• To bolt the pieces, use four 12mm bolts at a distance of 110mm long and one 12mm bolt at a distance of 150mm long. This completes the first frame.
• Make the second frame in the same manner by mirroring the first frame.
• Once both the frames are complete, stand them upright and nail the spreader (C) in place.
• Next, begin by nailing the first seat slat (F) into place―it should be in line with the front edges of the legs (A) and extend the length from the sides of the leg (A) by 150mm.
• Continue nailing the rest of the slats to the seat frame. Make sure to spread them out evenly by maintaining a 10mm gap between each slat.
• Keep checking whether the slats extend the length from the sides of the leg (A) and that the seat frames are parallel and square. It is important to nail all these with 90mm galvanized and flathead nails.
The plan that is mentioned above should enable you to build a comfortable and strong park bench in the backyard or patio. Building the bench all by yourself would increase the joy of relaxing on it manifold.
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