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Your Kids Love Monkey Bars? Here's How to Build Them Yourself

How to Build Monkey Bars
Monkey bars are an excellent option to improve your kid's strength, and you can even build it at home. In this article, we will take a look at the way monkey bars are built...
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Child's physical fitness
With the impending summer vacations, almost all kids eventually end up glued to the television or computer. These days it has become a trend for kids to remain indoors and play computer games or watch television for hours together. Outdoor games and going to parks are long forgotten. As a matter of fact, children have forgotten about the joy of breathing fresh air and running around. If you too are worried about your kid getting addicted to the PlayStation, then why not build him a brachiation ladder, or the monkey bar. Monkey bars also help in teaching children to coordinate muscles and improve their climbing abilities. This play equipment can be a fun experience both for the kids and their friends.
Instructions for Building Monkey Bars
Monkey bars for kids is an excellent outdoor play equipment that will improve and develop the strength and coordination skills of children. You can set these monkey bars in any open space near your house, or even in your backyard. There also are do-it-yourself monkey bars kits available in stores, which have to be assembled by following the steps given in the instructions manual.
  • Before building the monkey bars, you must ensure that they have a strong foundation for the vertical bars to hold on properly. Dig two holes in the ground 1 foot wide, with a depth of 2 feet and spaced at 2 feet apart from each other. Also dig another set of holes, with the same dimensions, which are placed 8 feet away from the first set.
  • Place the pine boards, which measure 4x4 in each of the holes and pour the cement into them. Let the cement dry to create a strong foundation, while we concentrate on building the bars for the brachiation ladder. Take four cedar posts which have a length of 8 feet and lay them horizontally. Drill holes measuring 2 inches on the left edge. Follow the same process till you have eight holes, on each of the boards. Ensure that the holes are facing each other, when the cedar posts are made to stand vertical.
  • Measure the cedar posts and cut steps to form the ladder. Place each bar with the hole, facing the other hole on the cedar posts and drill them in place with the help of a screw gun. Repeat the same procedure on the other end of the posts till you have step like structures.
  • Cut 18 to 20 pieces of the aluminum rod, measuring 30 inches and place them in the holes to create the monkey bars. Secure two 30-inch cedar boards at each end of the cedar posts to keep a distance between them. For the metal bars, screw holes, perpendicular to each other. With the help of a screwdriver and nuts and bolts, secure the metal bars to the posts. After securing all the metal bars to the posts, lift the ready frame and place it on the board.
  • To ensure that the monkey bar stands firm on the ground, screw the base to the board with the help of wood screws. After this, using the wrench, drive the lad bolts into the screw heads for more security. Check if all the four corners are strong and do not have any movement.
The best part of building your own brachiation ladder is that you can ask your children to help, and make it a bonding exercise. If you have younger children, then it is better to let them enjoy climbing the monkeys bars, under your supervision.