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Useful Tips on How to Build a Koi Pond

Sonia Nair Oct 7, 2018
Koi ponds are primarily intended to grow koi fish, an ornamental variety of common carp. Here are some tips for building such a pond.
Unlike an ordinary pond, a koi pond has to be constructed with ample care, to grow and sustain koi fish. Most of the ponds are permanent constructions, and it is difficult to alter the design or location, once built.
If you construct the koi pond in the right way, you can save the extra effort and money that would otherwise be required for its alteration. Hence, a careful study is needed, regarding the location, design, and purpose of the construction.

Some Koi Fish Facts

Koi fish are ornamental varieties of common carp, and are also known as Japanese carp. This domesticated variety is commonly used for decorative purposes in ponds and water gardens.
Koi was developed in Japan during the 1820s, and its Japanese name means 'brocaded carp'. It is believed that, this fish is a symbol of love and friendship, which made it very popular among the masses.
Apart from that, koi is available in a variety of colors, color combinations, and designs, which have further enhanced its popularity.
Often people tend to mistake goldfish for koi. Though both are the descendants of carp, goldfish originated from crucian carp, whereas koi was developed from common carp. Moreover, koi fish has two whiskers, but goldfish lack this appendage.

Tips to Build a Koi Pond

Koi pond construction is not similar to that of an ordinary pond, as the former is an outdoor aquarium exclusively for koi fish. So it must be built according to the nature and requirements of this fish. The pond you are going to construct will transform into a living habitat for koi. Hence, it must be able to offer the right growing conditions for the fish.
• First of all, decide whether you want to construct the pond on your own, or you want to hire professionals. In case of professional help, you must select someone, who is an expert in this type of work. If you decide to do it on your own, then collect as much information as you can, and invest in a good koi pond kit.
• You should make the pond as much big as you can, because koi fish live for a maximum period of 30 years. They can also grow big.

• Once you build the pond, alteration is very difficult. A koi pond should be four feet deep. It should be dug below the frost line. Otherwise, you have to search for some alternative arrangement during the frost season.
• The location for koi pond construction should not be in direct sunlight. In that case, shade should be provided, but avoid building such pond under overhanging trees. You may use shade cloth or grow aquatic plants, like water lilies.
• There are many types of pond lining, like concrete and fiberglass. You can select any of them, according to your budget, the type of soil, and the ground condition.

• It is always better to build this pond above the ground level to avoid chemicals and other dirt running into the pond. It also prevents the koi from darting outside.
• If the pond is below the ground, you can raise the edges of the pond by about six inches to avoid these problems. This level can be increased for better results.

• You can use a net over the pond to prevent birds from feeding on your pets. In some places, it is mandatory to build a fence around your pond.
• Filtration is very important as far as koi pond construction is concerned. You can use swimming pool filters, bead filters, or bio filters for this purpose. Always make sure that it is big enough for your pond.
• You must also use a UV light sterilizer, which is commonly known as a water clarifier. This device helps to kill algae and other microorganisms in the pond, and keeps the water fresh.
• The last thing you need is the feed. Koi fish need lots of food available in various forms. You must take care of changes in the water chemistry, including the pH level. Avoid chlorinated water for filling the pond. The level of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite should be perfect to avoid the fish from getting sick. You may also have a waterfall with the pond.
Proper maintenance is a must for koi ponds. It is very important to take care of the pond on a daily basis. Such a pond will enhance the beauty of your landscape; and if constructed properly, it will last for years to come.