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How to Build a Glass Deck Railing

How to Build a Glass Deck Railing

A glass deck railing in your balcony can add an elegant touch of style to your home. You can try out different methods to build glass deck railing for the balcony and improvise the look of your house...
Gardenerdy Staff
Home improvement can be done in many ways in which you can transform the dull boring places of your home into stunning, stylish ones. One such excellent idea is to install a glass deck railing in your balcony for that oh so fabulous looking house in your entire neighborhood. Well you might be quite apprehensive about installing glass, which is notorious for its easily breakable nature, as your deck railing. But in this case, tempered glass (glass which is treated to make it shatter proof) is installed. The glass used in the deck railings is similar in nature to the ones that are installed in automobiles. Even if the glass breaks, there is just a crack so that when you need to replace the damaged sheet, you can just lift it and remove it from its holding. This glass can be a bit expensive and heavy when compared to the ordinary glass. So you must be careful while installing a glass deck railing. You can also experiment with the glass deck railing ideas for a more distinguished look.

How to Install Glass Deck Railing

Installing a glass deck railing on the balcony of your house, can be done all by yourself or you can hire professional help who will do it for a fee. However, before you construct, you need to check with your neighborhood norms and codes regarding the building of the deck and railings. Once you are aware of the regulations and have got the approval from the state you can begin the task of constructing the glass railing.
  • Tempered glass for deck railings comes in three varieties - clear, frosted and tinted. Choose the one that is appropriate and matches your house structure and wall color. The glass which is used for the deck railings is normally thick and quite heavy, hence you will have to install sections of the glass. You can purchase this glass from any hardware store. Also purchase the necessary tools needed for the installation process.
  • Once you decided the style of glass and purchased all the required equipment, you can begin your project for building the glass deck railing. Measure the deck and the balusters of the old deck. Mark the places with the help of a marker pen, so that you do not get confused with the measurements.
  • An important point which should not be overlooked is the safety while you are installing the glass. Make sure the glass is thick and has got rounded edges to prevent accidents. To replace the old railing with the glass, you need to dismantle it. After removing them, the top and bottom of the framework must be routed so that the glass panels may fit without any problems.
  • Place the tempered glass panel at the bottom rail. Before this check the distance between the banister and the glass panels. All the panels should be placed at equal distance from the baluster. Now using a drill, bore holes in the glass, so that screws can be inserted. Secure the screws with the help of a screwdriver so that the glass panels do not move.
  • Use a quarter round trim to secure the bottom of the panel, from the inside as well as the exterior of the panel. This will help hold the glass deck railing in place. Follow the same steps till you completely install the glass railing around the deck. Once you have finished the project you can clear the debris from the deck and admire your stunningly attractive deck.
There is a wide variety of designs and glass for deck railing from which you can choose from, to suit your house accordingly. So why not experiment and get a dainty glass railing for your deck?